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The Official Bristol and Cardiff Meet Thread - Accept no substitutes

When can you do a Cardiff Meet?

  • 6th October

    Votes: 9 27.3%
  • 27th October

    Votes: 23 69.7%
  • I ain't coming but felt like voting

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Marius likes polls too much

    Votes: 9 27.3%

  • Total voters


Always there when I need me...
Marius said:
Well unless I've heard otherwise the plan is still this innit?

Do you think we should start two seperate threads for Saturday?

One with each time and meet place in title, so peeps can organise themselves...or is that gonna draw unwanted attention? I mean...this thread doesn't have a date attached and is ooooober long...so some peeps not in the know, may be under the impression it has already taken place or just can't be arsed to trawl through lengthy thread to find out WTF is supposed to be happening :rolleyes:

I'd do it meself...but snot my turf innit ;)

MARIUS...waddyafink mate...eh...eh?;) :D