The new Vauxhall bus station threatened with demolition under Lambeth plans

Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by editor, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. agricola

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    one faces it, the other is further down but they are both the other side of the gyratory from the terminus
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  2. sealion

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    I knew someone that was in the Bondway where the bus terminus is. It got closed down when the flats across the road were built, St georges wharf ?? He and a few others were rehoused in flats from lambeth council who had some sort of deal with the developer. Didn't know the one opposite ( wandsworth road) was a hostel, i thought it was a day centre and drop in for homeless people.
  3. ash

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    Grahem House managed by Thamesreach is still there on the gyratory at the end of the bus station. They are building a new building around the corner where they will move which Isn't a bad thing as the building is in a terrible state. The lifts break down regularly for extended periods leaving anyone with mobility be problems stranded upstairs.
    Next to Waitrose there is also an assessment unit for homeless problem managed by Lambeth.
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  4. sealion

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  5. TopCat

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    Stop press. It will go ahead.

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