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The New Techno Thread


that tune is obviously meant to be 7 mins on a 12"... making it 300 copies on coloured 7" just makes it seem like a Record Shop Day collector novelty, iyswim


it was that much of a pisstake hype thing with the price/marketing that it actually did make me question the tune today actually! like obviously it sounds v nice, BUT is it maybe just pushing exactly the right retro zeitgeist buttons? I dunno, I probably overthought it.


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The other versions of it are also cracking, if you have them/know them. Great to mix them with one another.
Hadn't heard it before so will check out the others. Truncate is quality, he played in Bristol the other night but I missed it to go too another night. Pity, but we were a bit spoilt for nights that weekend.

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Super impressive live techno set from Kink here (some funny argument about is this techno or not in the comments)
I think its a set he's been practising and will be touring

really rate Kink, hes made some great tunes too
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There’s a lot of faster techno about at the mo, but good, unlike squatno
Some of it from Copenhagen, but elsewhere too. There’s a great recent show on Rinse by Akua, one to watch: