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The New Techno Thread

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Monkeygrinder's Organ, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    Dekmantel podcast 116 comes courtesy of Objekt, who I'm sure you lot are well aware of. :cool:

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  2. crossthebreeze

    crossthebreeze Well-Known Member

    This track was very special last night
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  3. Threshers_Flail

    Threshers_Flail Well-Known Member

    New Perc. :cool:

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  4. mao

    mao I'm totally wired

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  5. dialectician

    dialectician Well-Known Member

    is it me or has techno been going back to dark days of 00s these past 2-3 years?

    i can really notice it this year.
  6. mod

    mod A modernist

    NON PARAXIALTRANSFER (2017) by English techno artist, Coefficient.
  7. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Have been in a bit of a pit mentally and I feel like the one thing that will help me out of it would a good stompbounce to some London Acid Techno... :hmm:
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  8. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

  9. Spandex

    Spandex Well-Known Member

    That's great. It reminds me of the sort of stuff Ian O'Brien and Vince Watson were doing in the mid/late 90s. I've checked the other tracks on the EP and they're all that good. Nice one :thumbs:
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  10. Spandex

    Spandex Well-Known Member

    I'm curious: which bits of 00s techno do you consider the dark days? And what was dark about them?
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  11. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    the late 90s were the pits of it IMO - all those looped bangers from the likes of Adam Beyer and Marco Carola - it got well boring
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  12. Spandex

    Spandex Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. I almost gave up on techno for a few years at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s, til I caught Suburban Knight play an amazing set and got the techno bug again.
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  13. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Enjoying this a lot...

  14. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Bleep techno making a come back? I hope so :cool:

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  15. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    This is ace. Channeling Throbbing Gristle....

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  16. stethoscope

    stethoscope without the technical flim flam

    New track from Djrum forthcoming on R&S is proper killing me atm...

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  17. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    Nice easy one to search for...
  18. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    Loving this...
  19. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    & this...

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