The Mother of all Solutions - a new podcast launching this Thursday at Cattivo Bar, come join us.

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    Mother of All Solutions

    This is a new podcast with stories from mums as they navigate their return to work. It’s been made by a local mum, and all parents interviewed so far live in SW9!

    The podcast is for mums on maternity leave, or about to go on maternity leave, and thinking about how their career might look alongside motherhood. It’s also for all parents and carers, and will hopefully be useful for line managers and business owners as people explore flexible working options.

    Pilot Episode - my former manager and podcast editor, Owen Wainhouse, interviews me, Laura Broderick

    Episode 1 - Clara Widdison talks about hiding maternity on her CV and how she furthered her studies and explored her career options

    Episode 2 - we talk about maternity rights and networks, and what is happening to mums at work currently with HR professional Lily Anderson-Nicholls

    Episode 3 - John Ross & Teleri Lloyd-Jones tell us about their shared parental leave journey and how things are now they are both back at work

    There is a launch event on Thursday 1 August at Cattivo bar in Brixton, from 8-11pm. Local parents are welcome to attend - it’s 2 for 1 cocktail night so please try and find a babysitter and join us - we’d love to meet you and hear your stories too.

    Please search ‘Mother of All Solutions’ on your podcast streaming channels to listen. And find us on twitter.
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    Please don't try and post this anywhere else on this forum. One post is more than enough. Thanks.
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    Thank you!

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