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The Most Un-dislikable - an occasional youtube game

121 - 0. Tokyo Kid Brothers - Freedom. Featured in excellent space western Prospect.

192 - 0. Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - Fantastic.

193 - 0. Sparks - The Amazing Mr. Repeat



See the mother fuckin broken
Finally found one by accident- it’s probably my fave song by Cate Le Bon but they spelt it wrong on the video - it’s Eiggy- she wrote it after a holiday in the Isle of Eigg. Looked it up tonight cause we weren’t quite in the Eiggy sea but in the peaty sea off the coast of Gairloch, and I reckon the Milky Belly she mentions is her wee niece so it reminded me of our kids getting soaked head to toe in the sea. Happy days, happy song- with a bit of maudlin at the end.

Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan - Syncopation. 502-0. 50s electronica.

eta: the single version is 617-0.

AJ Lee & Blue Summit - Cover of Gillian Welch's Wayside/Back In Time. 296 - 0.

Loop ‎– Gilded Eternity album. 384 - 0.

The James Taylor Quartet - Wait A Minute. 173 - 0.