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the marvellous PS/Illustrator tutorial thread


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Also here is a brilliant tutorial website with streaming movies for all kinds of graphic/video software.


You can watch the first 3 chapters of a tutorial for free, subscribe for monthly online access to all tutorials, or buy cd roms.


If you have had trouble trying to download then i suggest you get someone more computer savvy to get the file for you, cause the unpacking bit might confuse you.

The download works fine.
Click the link
Bottom of page click on 'free download' button
Wait 30 seconds
Click on the download link.

Unzip/rar the file
Unzip the next batch of files
run the initial ddu.rar
end up with photoshop cs for dummies pdf

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Great links! I could spend days messing around with them heh!

So, does anyone here use the selective colour doohicky? All I ever seem to see in PS books is about the channel mixer for controlling colour. I have messed with the channel mixer, and like what it can do (good for b/w conversions, although I'm only just starting out using this method), but at the moment I seem to prefer selective colour instead. There are so many variables you can tweak to get it just right.

Does anyone know of any good selective colour tutorials out there?


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what do you want from me? :mad: I've bled myself dry :mad: I'm on my fuckin knees :mad: I've run out of tears :mad: I'm chewing glass :mad:


don't mourn, organise!

I, the undersigned lurker that uses this thread, politely request a resticky

cesare :)


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god, it seems you are all using this tool except me ... how silly ... must get over my aversion to this and investigate.


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Does anyone know of any good tutorial sites for photoimpact?

I have one or two but if anyone else can recommend any decent ones, that would be great.