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The long, drawn out, and unlamented death of Indymedia

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Tom A, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. toblerone3

    toblerone3 Grrrrr

    Aren't complex issues like this around the bias of perception explored by Critical Theory, but it all becomes a bit of a confusing hall of mirrors. Alt right people have no patience with it and try and short circuit the framework of arguments back to dominant cultural narratives and "common sense". They just don't want to engage in this type of evidence and use Cultural Marxism as a term of abuse.
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  2. toblerone3

    toblerone3 Grrrrr

    Thread killer ///
  3. Brainaddict

    Brainaddict chief propagandist (provisional)

    I don't know enough about critical theory to answer, but what I was saying is a bit more than just the 'bias of perception'. There isn't a definitively right or wrong answer to whether, say, jobs should be lost in (unionised) coalmines in order to move towards (non-unionised) wind power jobs hundreds of miles away. 'Bias' implies that elimination of some measurable bias could reach an answer that is objectively right. But 'politics' means among other things the moral/ethical frameworks through which people see the world, their relationships with people, what they 'know' from their past experience and so on. No-one is free of this, and there is no position to view the problem from that would clear away the muddiness of the waters.

    What you end up with is recognising that politics is always about conflicts between competing views of the world. You can't just factor it into the 'evidence' you want to use to cut through the problem.
  4. likesfish

    likesfish chanelling mike from spaced

    I've known people who could have been shoe in for state inflitrator they were probably just people who wanted their own way regardless of the costs:mad:

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