The Location of Urbanites Worldwide

Discussion in 'travel and world' started by Rock Bottom, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    This is a master index of the locations of urbanites throughout the world.

    Because of the nature of the positioning of this master thread, I have decided to temporarily exclude non-British nationals living in the Greater London area, but will welcome any contributions from non-British nationals living elsewhere in the world - even (or especially) if it your country of origin.

    I will be responsible for updating this - you can either reply to this thread or pm me, and I will update as soon as possible.

    To be a useful resource for those wishing to enquire about more information, if you wish to put forward a particular place you have lived or worked in, let's set a minimum period of 3 months.

    People currently residing in the city / country will be displayed in boldface.

    Egypt : mumkinbadbokura(?, ?)
    Isreal : mumkinbadbokura(?, ?)
    Namibia : Bob (UK, Namimbia)
    Libya : Stroober (UK, Tripoli)
    South Africa : omnipotent (?, Cape Town) / D (USA, Johannesburg)
    Sudan : Chilango (UK, Khartoum?)
    Sierra Leone : slaar (UK, Freetown)
    Sinai : zigzag (?, Sinai)

    Bahrain : fuburt (UK, Manama)
    Burma : Purves Grundy (UK, Yangon)
    China : Rock Bottom (UK, Zhuhai) / RenegadeDog (UK, Wuhan) / JessieDog (UK, Hong Kong) / inzame (GRE, Hong Kong)
    India : Loki (SWE, New Delhi) / mumkinbadbokura(?, ?)
    Indonesia : Purves_Grundy (UK, Sumatra) / Loki (SWE, Jakarta)
    Japan : Purves_Grundy (UK, Nagano) / Techno303 (UK, Tokyo) / Loki (SWE, Kobe)
    Korea : Dandred (UK, Seoul) / Ninjaboy (UK, Geoje) / rachellyabused (UK, Hongseong) / timestamp(?, Ulsan) / Stat (?, Gwangju) / lin dze (?, ?)
    Kyrgyzstan : Rock Bottom (UK, Bishkek)
    Laos : Hypocolius (?, Vientiane)
    Singapore : inzane (?)
    Saudi Arabia : fuburt (UK, khobar dharan)
    Thailand : Fela Fan (UK, Chiang Mai) / Fela Fan (UK, Bangkok)

    Czech Republic : Rock Bottom (UK, Dobruska) / Shanksy (UK, Brno)
    Finland : Culdee(UK, Helsinki) / fubert (UK, Helsinki)
    France : mauvais mangue (UK, Paris) / maestrocloud (UK, Paris) / John Quays (?, Lille) / fubert (UK, Cannes) / RenegedeDog (UK, Paris) / Chilango (UK, Ardeche) / maestrocloud (UK, Paris)
    Germany : *(removed)*, / fuchs66(?, Bonn) / districtline (SWE, Berlin) / fishfingerer(IRE, Neukölln, Berlin) / FruitandNut(?,?)
    Greece : inzane(?, Crete) / marco mark(UK, ?) / inzane(?, Athens)
    Iceland : Complex (UK, Reykjavik)
    Ireland : Helzbelz (?, Dublin) ch750536 (?, Abbeyfeale - co limerick) / j26 (IRE, Waterford County)
    Italy : 43mhz (UK, Siracusa -Sicily)
    Netherlands : J77 (UK, Amsterdam) / BootyLove (UK, Amsterdam) / Faithy (NED, The Hague) / frogfeeler (UK, Amsterdam) / fubert (UK, Eindhoven) / fubert (UK, den haag) / Poi E (?, The Hague) / marco mark(UK, ?)
    Portugal : Chilango (UK, Porto)
    Russia : marmaritz (?, Moscow) / Culdee (UK, Moscow) / Sasha (RUS, ?)
    Spain : Stanley Edwards (?, South) / mrkikiet (?, Barcelona) / Stanley Edwards (?, Madrid) / frogfeeler (UK, Madrid)
    Sweden : eeeef (GER, ?) / Loki (SWE, Stockholm)
    Switzerland : fubert (UK, nyon-montreux) / Pie 1 (?, Zurich)
    Ukraine : Sasha (RUS, Kiev)

    Australia : Fledgling(UK, Sydney) / Wess (?, ?) / miniGMoit (UK, Melbourne) / starryeyedsarah (UK, Queensland) / parallelepipete(?, South Melbourne) / mumkinbadbokura(?, Caberra) / Poi E (?, Sydney)
    New Zealand : Poi E (?, Wellington) /Poi E (?, Auckland) / Poi E (?, Dunedin)

    North America
    USA : Axon (UK, Miami) / t0bytoo (?, New York) / JoMo1953 (?, Los Angeles / 888 (UK, Seattle) / EatMoreChips (UK, Chicago), frogfeeler (UK, Orlando-Florida) / D (USA, San Francisco) / tjm4477 (?, Dallas) / pseudonarcissus (UK, Houston) / mhendo (AUS, Baltimore) / Rock Bottom (UK, New York), fuburt (UK, Philidelphia) / Techno303 (UK, Ann Arbor-Michigan) / Loki (SWE, Washington DC) / frogfeeler (UK, Dallas-Texas) / D (USA, New York) / D (USA, Washington DC) / Stanley Edwards (?, New York) / indicate (USA, San Francisco) / indicate (USA, Washington)
    Canada : Johnny Canuck2(CAN, Vancouver) / spring-peeper(?, Eastern Ontario) / Valve(?, Vancouver) / walktome(CAN, Toronto)

    South America
    Brazil : Fidel (UK, Itacare - Bahia)
    Chile : guillermog (CHILE, Santiago)
    Colombia : colacho (UK, Bogot√°)
    Mexico : Chilango (UK, Mexico City)
    St Lucia : felixthecat (UK/St Lucia, St Lucia)

  2. 888


    I'm in Seattle (from UK)
  3. fela fan

    fela fan sunny thailand

    Having spoken to rock about this thread, perhaps it needs to be said that this sticky is for folk to post up info about the countries they live in.

    And for posters to know who lives where so they can get some good first-hand advice about things.

    C'mon, make it work! I'm just off on my hols to oz soon, but next month i'll put up some basic info about thailand.

    And chiang mai specifically since it's the best town to live in in the world... ;)
  4. Techno303

    Techno303 Repatriated

    I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now back in the UK. Have also lived in Tokyo for 3 months.
  5. rennie

    rennie m'enfin!

    im an expat in my own right, except I left my country to come and live here in London. I guess that doesn't count.
  6. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    Actually, I had considered catering for non-UK expats living in the UK as an option.

    However, such an option probably doesn't belong in the Travel and World forum.

    Maybe one for the future, if a separate forum ever gets created.
  7. purves grundy

    purves grundy ambient clown remix

    Cost of living info would be the best info to start us off here properly, IMO.
  8. Fidel

    Fidel Dono de Pousada

    Brasil : Fidel (UK, Itacare, Bahia)

    Been living in the Amazon for last year, just taken the plunge and started renovating/bulding a pousada (B&B) in Itacare.

    Will spam the boards with urbanate promotional discounts when we open in October ;)
  9. 43mhz

    43mhz doh!

    I am now living in Siracusa, Sicily.. don't intend on coming back to London.. its hot and sunny here.. :D
  10. Poi E

    Poi E Well-Known Member

    I'm in London :)
  11. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    There's lots of people of the Bahia faith over here in China. Is this where it all originates?
  12. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    This is a good thread on the topic started by Tea that can be expanded on by who ever chooses.......

    Sorry, I found this through a search. Maybe if one of the mods finds a direct URL it may be more useful.

    And mods, once more, I am forever thankful for supporting me on this project.....
  13. fubert

    fubert .......

    don't want to be pedantic but you can add "den haag" to my netherland list
  14. mauvais

    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    I'm in Paris - have been for ten months, but I've only got three weeks left. Hopefully I'll be back after I finish uni. :)
  15. EatMoreChips

    EatMoreChips Fate Amenable To Change

    From UK. Live in Chicago. It's nice, but my peas have died due to excessive hotness.
  16. Fidel

    Fidel Dono de Pousada

    hello mate, no idea is it a happy clappy jesus operation? They are very popular out here (all over Brasil), much to the chargin of slightly less happy clappy Cathlics.

    Bahia is a state north of Rio, famous for its beaches, sugar, chocolate and laid back attitude.....
  17. Loki

    Loki RIP R.I.P.

    I'm a Swede in London so I can't see why I shouldn't be included.
  18. Loki

    Loki RIP R.I.P.

    don't sit on them.
  19. Loki

    Loki RIP R.I.P.

    ah! in which case:

    New Delhi, India - nine months
    Jakarta Indonesia - 3.5 years
    Washington DC, USA - one year
    Stockholm, Sweden - five years
    Kobe, Japan - three months
    London, UK - 20 years+
  20. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    You would have a legitimate right to be included - if this was a separate forum catering to the needs of foreigners abroad. This however, is a *sticky* on the travel and world forum.

    I imagine the sheer numbers of foreigners living in London would overwealm the resource available for people living in far out parts, and would dominate such a small thing such as a master thread.

    .....But as you have often commented - and made rather unusual vocal objections to the ideas being presented - maybe such a forum does not suit your needs. You can meet your fellow countrymen (if you wish - knowing many Swedes and being partly Swedish myself - I realise that you do not need to feel part of an overseas community) in any number of local bars in Brixton or nearby.

    But with your support, and the support of others, if you and ReNNie feel that such a section would be truly useful, then obviously, I will put the effort in to help as much as possible. It's only that I don't feel the enthusiasm oozing from you in particular!
  21. TeeJay

    TeeJay New Member

    The thread is entitled "The Location of Expats Worldwide" - not "The Location of British Expats Worldwide".

    Your first post simply states "This is a master index of the locations of urbanite expats throughout the world."

    You seem to be betraying the assumption that that urbanites are all British (they are not) or that "all round the world" automatically excludes the UK (why should it?). I don't understand why you are assuming the "travel and the world" forum to be aimed soley at British people and why you think the world should only be viewed from the viewpoint of the UK.

    Why doesn't it? Is this because people travelling to London or relocating to the UK generally shouldn't use this forum or think of themselves as 'ex-pats'? Are you saying that they should talk about their ex-pat-ness in the London Forum or the General Forum if they are outside London/SW/Wales? It seems that you are allowing British urbanites to express a demand for 'ex-pat' status but saying that non-Brits in the UK can't express the same demand.

    So British ex-pats are not "foreigners abroad"?

    First you are making assumptions about how many urbanites are non-UK nationals living in the UK, secondly - how on earth would a list 'overwhealm the resource'?

    If you want to make a thread soley for *British* expats, or for expats everywhere *except* the UK, then you should state this, but to simply start saying that this forum is soley for Brits isn't right surely?
  22. Poi E

    Poi E Well-Known Member

    Strange to have a thread on U75 that discriminates on the basis of nationality...
  23. Jessiedog

    Jessiedog Keeping the faith.


    I think RB's basic idea is simply to log the locations of those Urbanites living (long term) outside of the UK.

    Not really a "Brit" thing.

    I could be wrong now....

    But I don't think so.


  24. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    I have made NO such assumption. Check the list. The origin of the person is clearly mentioned. It just happens that the majority have been from the UK so far.

    Of course they are! But look at the main focus of this website - LONDON, BRIXTON, and the UK!

    This, if I understand you correctly, is the "rebranding" that we have discussed and need to sort out

    As I must restate, I have NEVER made this assumption! This is not an old boys' club. It is simply for people - OF ANY NATIONALITY - living outside the confines of the main country of focus for urban75.

    Sorry, must dash to work. I will provide a more articulate argument later.
  25. axon

    axon Happy hour abuser

    Articulate !
    No need to, I considered this idea to be a useful resource for people who are moving to another country and want to get advice from people that have already done it. And it makes no assumptions about what peoples 'home' nationality is.
    It's a simple idea.
  26. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    Thanks Axon. This is the general idea, and I appreciate your support.

    But TeeJay and Poi E (and Loki) have made arguments that I feel have been founded on misunderstanding.

    First things first, I made a serious "faux-pas" when I made use of the word expat. The word has much too many negative connatations which bring up visions of brits sitting around in their local expat bar completely ignoring the culture going on around them. I want to get the title of this thread changed ASAP.

    In order to remove such a perception from my own mind, and my motivations for setting up such a project, you must understand my lifestyle out here. After 8 months, I still struggle with the language, but my average evening involves taking my bike down to the local shop, teaching the local girl there a bit of English over a few beers, cycling through into whore alley - a part of town where they have yet to knock down the old remnants of the original buildings - a rarity in Zhuhai. Here, I buy a few of the girls cans of coke or water, then sit down with a beer and a fag with my friend Arliang - who like most people, doesn't speak a word of English. Arliang is the whore alley K dealer who sells me shit bags for 100, which I occassionally buy as he is an allround cool bloke and a want to build a bit of "Guanxi" (will explain at a later date). Occassionally, I then cycle down to my Canadians' friends house, and we chew the fat for a while, and share our experiences. Couple all this with the fact that I have a Chinese girlfriend whom I adore (and a reluctant on-off mistress), you can begin to understand that I have no need to detatch myself from Chinese culture.

    However, let's say there happens to be an urbanite either travelling through or living in Guangdong province, wouldn't it be beneficial for him to know that I have a two bedroom flat, and would love to show this person (WHATEVER HIS NATIONALITY POI E / TEEJAY FOR FUCKS SAKE!) my unique insight into China? Take him down the alley? Show him something that he would never be able to discover for himself - Lonely Planet in hand ?

    and POI E, TeeJay, you have clearly marked me down as a little-Englander, and you have GROSSLY underestimated my dislike for both the U.K. and British people in general. I don't have a patriotic bone in my body.

    I want you to site ONE example where I stated that the purpose of this thread was for the exclusive use of British people!
  27. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Did you really mean to say this? :)

    I DO actually know someone who taught chinese to the Chinese. He is white and from england and fluent in Mandarin. When he lived in HK he frequently taught Cantonese-speakers Mandarin... :D
  28. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    Just to add to this point. Any Londoner will confirm that social groups in London consist of people from all over the world.

    During my last tenure in London, a typical trip out with my brother, who has an Argentian girlfriend and lives with a Brazilian man will usually involve a Frenchmen, an American, a Swede, an Italian, a Spaniad and some fucking awful hard-house / trance music. Quite often, in a group of 10 people, I find myself alone with my brother as being the only Brit.

    IMHO, foreigners in London don't feel the need to find members of their community. On the otherhand, a man who finds himself transplanted in the middle of rural China might appreciate some help and guidance. I would love to hear arguments to the contrary.
  29. Rock Bottom

    Rock Bottom Second Wind

    No, I made an error. I have corrected it.

    My Chinese is still rather limited to "zai lai yi ping pijiu", and "tai gui la!", although my listening comprehension is improving in leaps and bounds.
  30. Poi E

    Poi E Well-Known Member

    You just came across that way. No offense, you get used to that sort of thing in the UK. Anyway, can add the Hague, Sydney and NZ for me.

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