The Last Invasion of Britain in Fishguard, 1797

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    Here's an interesting snippet

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    More here
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    The pictures are mostly from The Last Invasion Tapestry which is upstairs from the market hall in Fishguard. It's well worth a visit on a rainy day in Fishguard (so no shortage of those!).

    The legend is that the French mistook the Welsh women for redcoats. An early example of boat happy!

    For some odd reason, despite downsizing in her old age, my mother has hung onto a book which is a novelised account of the French Invasion. Nobody in my family has ever read more than a few pages; my father threw it across the room. See how far you get:

    The Fishguard Invasion by the French in 1797, by M. E. James

    Stuff like "The crowd on the cliffs followed in the direction of the ships, keeping them ever in sight. Helter-skelter we ran along, crossing deep gullies, then along bare headlands covered only with gorse and large grey stones, then passing under a great mass of rock, like to some gaunt castle or fort (but alas, lacking cannon), then, at rare intervals, where a stream ran into the sea, we would dip suddenly into a smiling little valley."

    I defy anyone to finish it.
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    I remember this book covering it pretty well...

    William Tate was well pissed off. He thought he was getting leet fighing force to take the struggle to the mainland and he ended up with a bunch of wreckheads and petty crims that France wanted shot of

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