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Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by hipipol, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    Woo hoo - Knight's Arms reunion tomorrow. Looking forward to it big time :cool: :D
  2. Lutze

    Lutze New Member

    I wonder if one of the twins will be there. Dick will be but I don't know about Ted. What about Boyd, Steve Strange, Steve Botcher? Dai's brother. Dai herself indeed.
  3. Lutze

    Lutze New Member

  4. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting the photos Lutze ;) Though I can only name JA and Graham. Who's that in the white shirt with Graham. looks soooo familiar but I can't quite place him.

    Saw Cariad having a reunion with his old girlfriend. They both looked so pleased to see each other. Shared big hugs with Graham & Ella. Was amazed to see JA there tbh, saw Dick but spent longest catching up with Kevin A. Lovely guy.

    Ran into Liz Harvey but she had to leave quite soon on as she wasn't feeling too good, but ran into the other two Harvey girls, Louise and Helen, over the course of the evening, not Cath though. Didn't see Sprout though. Lots of people asked me about Fluke but he wasn't there either as far as I could tell, which was a shame. I must have hugged and kissed about 50 people...

    Oh my god, so many faces. People I'd completely forgotten about but was lovely to run into again. I never expected to find so many people there. What a turn out! Ken and Pat were both astounded so many people were there. All through the evening I kept running into new old faces. But I know I didn't get round to saying hellos to everyone. Shame, we didn't meet up in the end, but not surprising given the amount of people. Amazing, and emotional. Wonderful night.

    Finished off down at the Pier with Steve, Kim and Tud stopping off on my way home to watch the waves under the moonlight. Brilliant night. So glad I made it.
  5. Jackiedaminx

    Jackiedaminx New Member

    I am gutted that I missed the reunion party, however still have loads of great memories of the Knights and all of my old mates there anyone remember these regulars Dai Animal, Bernie, Bombers and Hutch Ali the lesbian, Sharkey and Jane ,Katie,Karen ,Denise(tiny) sharon, Kim,Julie David and of course the bikers
    Bruno, Lurch, PJ, Beaker, Yeti,Bubble,Dai Vale,Big Rees,Mike Day,Phil Morgan,Kendrick,Ade Owen, Mark Evans,Chris and Fiona,Ginger Tim ,Mandy, Bev, Bridgeman,Wobble, Frog,Geriant,Coral,Sue, Debbie, Big Ali,Dai Miller,Woody,Minnie,Shez,Phil and Wendy,Wag and Judith,Mindey,Steve Goodwin,Shades ,Mushroom,Wayne Morgan,Carol,Tiny,Mike Rees,Belinda ,Sam, Fergul,Jane,Rob John,Ceri,Yates,Rags,Mongrif,The Twins( never could remember their names, didnt matter anyways cos they both looked the same ,;) lmao), Viv,Sue Chapman, Pete Downey, Dowsey, Brimble , Howie ,Steve Williams, and that stubborn bast*rd Phil 'Kwacker' George ( why didnt you ever notice I was nuts about you !!!!!) .
    Life in Bristol is shite! Gimme back the Knights any day.
  6. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    Blimey Jackiedaminx, you've got a good memory. Are you sure you were there :D

    Of all the names you've listed, only a few stand out: Bernie, Sharkey and Jane. Then again, my memory is dire. Shame you couldn't make it. It was a really good night, great vibe.

    If it turns into an annual event, see you at the next one..:cool:
  7. jjuice

    jjuice bbbbaaad to the bone

    Porthcawl knights arms forum

    For anyone who's interested the knights arms website now has a new discussion forum. Some talk on there about another reunion next year, which is a shame I was hoping for a christmas do. So many people to catch up with.
  8. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    Why not use the new site to propose a meet up. I'm sure there'd be a few people up for it.

    I'm not back this Christmas unfortunately due to sick cat needing meds 3 x daily.
  9. jjuice

    jjuice bbbbaaad to the bone

    2007 Knights Arms Reunion next Friday

    For those interested, another chance to catch up with folk from those hazy days past - Friday 7th September Grand Pavillion Porthcawl.

    Its not often we get to dance to Freebird, count me in!
  10. DaiPunk

    DaiPunk New Member

    Damn, not this year, Err and myself have to be elsewhere
  11. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    jjuice - did you go? Did you have a good time?

    I was there - less faces I recognised than last year BUT Fluke turned up this year we had a long chat. Complete the circle so to speak.
  12. Phil. B

    Phil. B New Member

    I've going to the knights arms since 1970 up until Ken went to the pier
    had a good night at the reunion last year, missed the recent reunion due to the fact that i was working! do you remember the boys from the Rhondda
    Valley such as Johnny Perno, Archy and Trevor Bone. Be nice to hear from anyone that went to the knights in the good old era of 1970.:)
  13. Jon.H

    Jon.H New Member

    I see loadsa names ther i remember ,, did you know ov the Tramps mc
  14. Jon.H

    Jon.H New Member

    Aye 79 onwards lol place like it .....i rode at kens funeral ,, i never forget tha day razor

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