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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by suzee blue cheese, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here


    I looked them up on their myspace when I knew we were on the same bill as them and they did sound good. We're Salt and Blue ( ). Not sure what time we'll be on yet. The gig was set up by Dexter Bentley, who do the Hello Goodbye show on Resonance FM on Saturday lunchtimes, so we're on that the same day as well for a live number or two.

    Hope to see you at the 12 Bar!

    As for the Ivyhouse... sometimes it's a quiet, appreciative audience, sometimes it's a rabble. This week it was a rabble - and I wasn't properly prepared either, but hey, it's all good practice. Was nice to see people too.
  2. suzee blue cheese

    suzee blue cheese Well-Known Member

    Yes it was a bit of a rabble, not great for the performers this week. Having said that, as someone who was just one of the crowd, I have to say it seemed like a very friendly kind of rabble.

    I missed Ruby's slot on stage cause I went into the other bar to say hello to a mate :oops: How rubbish is that.. :(

    Next time Ruby, definitely let me know when you're playing there again and I'll stay glued near the stage when you're due on..!

    BEARBOT robo-osita

    ruby..i tried checking yr myspace this am and just doesnt work ...shame but sometimes that sight is a bit wobbly
  4. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

    Bah, it picked up the bracket at the end - try again, I've edited it.
  5. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here


    The pub has been repossessed by the brewery, but they will be back there again next week and hopefully beyond. It would be a tragedy if this night had to move to a crap venue or close down so fingers crossed.
  6. Black Flag

    Good luck tonight, RT. I'm there in spirit. :) :D :cool:
  7. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    the ivyhouse is up and running again, for those that don't know.
  8. Black Flag

    They have beer and a PA again? :D
  9. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    I guess - my girl is up there tonight for a gig :eek:
  10. Black Flag

    Folky stuff? Is RT going/playing? :)
  11. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    no! probably that stuff that passes for indie these days.

    skinny jeans, girls with long floppy hair, with a bit of backcombing somewhere, scarves, converse trainers. boys that look pretty much the same as the girls :D



    I'm secretly jealous, there's a little bit of me that wishes I could have that excitement of starting going out with your mates to gigs again :cool:
  12. Black Flag

    ^ I still go. I don't let my age (40 and one week) bother me. Mind you, most of the stuff I like, the bands are older than me. Which is nice.

    And I have a new band too - and I'm the youngest! Yay! me! :D

    Hope your girl (girlfriend? girl child?) has a good one. :)
  13. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    girl child - I'm sure she'll have fun, I doubt she'll be taking much notice of the music, she'll be too busy looking at boys and gossiping with her friends :D

    what's your new band? and definitely yay you at being the youngest, I'm almost always the oldest when I'm with mates :mad:
  14. Black Flag

    It's a guy I met through an anti-nazi "direct action" group I'm involved with [you can probably guess which one] and a bass player. They're well in their forties. :D

    We hope to begin rehearsals next week/week eyesight treatment has delayed stuff. Just old, proper punk covers. Plan to do benefits and pub gigs etc,. No plans for rockstardom - just the laughs. I'm playing guitar and singing - all those old Joe Strummer fantasies... :cool:
  15. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    let us know when the plan comes to fruition, we'd come and support you and know a couple of mates that probably would too :)
  16. Black Flag

    Cool. Ta :cool: We'll play all your old punky faves and a few songs you don't give a dead rats arse about.

    1...2...3...4! Hey! Ho! Lets go!
  17. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    hurray :D

    reckon you could throw a cropdusters song into the set ;) :D :D
  18. Black Flag

    ^ of course! I're the girl from da foresthood.

    Sorry....a few days in hospital last week and I lost all track of my threads and stuff.

    I think we're likely to be a wee bit faster and louder than the Cropdusters! :D
  19. RubyToogood

    RubyToogood can't remember what goes here

    I heard it was... um an unrepeatable experience. As in, they're never going to be allowed to do that again!
  20. Black Flag


    The mind
  21. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl ........

    yes, that was the impression I got too :D

    she was home by about 10.30pm I think :D

    she says someone drew on the pool table, I suspect there's more to it than that :mad:
  22. Black Flag

    No beer, no PA and now no pool table!
  23. Maggot

    Maggot The Cake of Liberty

    We're forming in a straight line . . .
  24. editor

    editor hiraethified

  25. editor

    editor hiraethified

    This is really disappointing

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  26. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Alles hat ein Ende nur eine Wurst hat zwei

    seems to be about union recognition but not 100%
  27. Brainaddict

    Brainaddict chief propagandist (provisional)

    To be honest it's always been disappointing both as a co-op and as a community venture. It is only owned co-operatively by a few local people who had the money to spare. The staff are not part of the co-op, and the co-op just hires a professional manager to run it like any other pub. It's understandable they didn't want to lose money on it and hiring standard pub managers has probably helped them stay afloat, but it has never felt like a community asset to me, and the staff have never looked overjoyed to be working there and have pointed out to me that it's like working in any other pub.
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  28. jimbarkanoodle

    jimbarkanoodle Well-Known Member

    I know someone who works there, i was in there a couple of weeks back for a gig and he wouldnt sly a discount on my rounds. Bet he would now.

    Seems harsh to sack 4 people for no reason.

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