The Idiot's Guide to Moving to Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Scotland/Alba' started by Idris2002, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. weepiper

    weepiper Jock under the bed

    Are you sure you weren't in Aberdeen :hmm:
  2. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Hoc vellum voluntater album mansum est

    Maybe lefteri is a geologist. It's all relative.
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  3. Celyn

    Celyn Well-Known Member

    Well, there is that. Yes, but the old towny bits are pretty but ever so touristiqe.
    Oh? Now that is just odd. :confused:
  4. equationgirl

    equationgirl Respect my existence or expect my resistance

    Edinburgh is very diverse, and has a lot of different areas, people and places to go to. I loved living there, and to be honest I lived in a part of town (leith) for several years that wasn't touristy, was quite quiet but still easy to get to shops and work. August in the city centre was always a nightmare though.
  5. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    Yeah, sorry about that...
  6. Sasaferrato

    Sasaferrato Thank fuck it's not over.

    Jenner's isn't the same since House of Fraser took it over. They don't do loose Jellybellys any more, the bastards.
  7. maomao

    maomao 四月她爹

    I will be moving to Edinburgh next Tuesday :cool:

    And then moving back to London the following Monday.
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  8. moon

    moon Happy Happy Jo Wonderland

    I wasn't particularly impressed by Edinburgh to be honest, but I only really walked up and down the Royal Mile, usually to get a train back to Glasgow, Loch Lomond etc lol. I think it was a bit too touristy.

    I did manage to see the Riding of the Marches though.. it was amazing! :)
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  9. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    I went there for a brief concert last week and there was an interesting security procedure. When you went out for a fag you had to take a leaflet and when you came back in you show ticket and leaflet. Leaflet is taken off of you. Cheap, unobstrusive and decent security measure, I applaud the thinking

    anyway I saw the castle by daylight on the wall side. I looked at it and tried to imagine taking it without air support. No, the rivers of blood and hot oil. 100-1 losses... Unless its easier to approach on the other side that thing must have been impregnable.
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  10. Fedayn

    Fedayn Well-Known Member

    I had a very stereotypical Glaswegian (adopted mind) view of Edinburgh. But after 6 years going to and from the city regularly I rather like it and the things I discovered that all too many people never get to see.
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  11. moon

    moon Happy Happy Jo Wonderland

    please share :)
  12. Fedayn

    Fedayn Well-Known Member

    Some of the smaller bars, some of the places like the wee playground by the meadows, some of the wee chippies, the retaurants, the locals the festival-goers miss, the wee shops and the people that yer average festival-goer and tourist would never get to see let alone even think to go to see. Finding out some of the working-class history that Edinburhghs esteemed burghers are almost ashamed to let the world see, the radical and fascinating social history that, like many places, but feels more given Edinburghs near pathological drive to keep from tourists when the big month in August comes round.... A much more fascinating and brillaint city than it ever tries to present
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