The Grosvenor - planning permission to convert upper floors to flats

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Cooper42, May 28, 2017.

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    The developer has submitted a new application to convert the upper floors of the Grosvenor site in Sidney Road to 5 flats. I have submitted my objection on the grounds that the plans still don't make adequate provision to ensure a pub is viable on the ground floor. There is no sound proofing and no retention of landlord accommodation on site. Lambeth's own planning policy stresses the need for pubs to be retained and this pub has been designated an Asset of Community Value.

    It's 17/01861/FUL if anyone else wants to comment. You can read my comments on there. Deadline for commenting is 1 June.

    17/01861/FUL | Erection of a part 1, part 2 storey rear /side extension to existing public house at ground floor level (Use Class A4) and to existing ancillary accommodation at first floor level to provide 5 serviced units (Use Class C1) at first and second floor levels, together with alterations to the fenestrations and the provision of refuse, recycling and cycle storages. | The Grosvenor Arms 17 Sidney Road London SW9 0TP
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    Can someone who understands planning lingo explain what this report adds up to?
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    They're going to fuck it up and you'll hate it
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    I haven't seen the appeal document but see that the appeal was allowed in September, which now explains some CAMRA correspondence i saw a few weeks ago discussing the failure of their efforts to save the pub. I believe there may be plans in the pipeline to submit an application for change of use.
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    The appeal decision and the written representations are available on the Lambeth Planning website - and the "corrected decision" is on the Planning Appeals website.

    Can post here if you want. What you can't get unless someone who was there can comment, is the way the appeal went.

    Often there are skilled and expensive barristers on the appellant's side and the council is often only represented by a planning officer.

    Then there is the character of the inspector/judge. If the appeal were heard by a devotee of the Black Friar or somewhere like that it would be more promising than if they were completely unappreciative of pubs and pub architecture.

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