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The great urban camera gear for sale/exchange/giveaway thread


OK, let's give this a go and see if it works. If you want to try and shift/swap/giveaway your surplus camera gear, here's the thread for it.

It's entirely free to use but if you do sell your gear, a donation to the urban server funs (see link at the bottom of the page) would be appreciated.

newly signed up first-time posters are not allowd to advertise goods for sale here.


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Anyone interested in a Durst M670 colour enlarger? Can be used for B&W printing too.
I've also got 3 large dev trays, film processing tub/pot and a red light.
£120 - collection from SE23
2017-09-27 10.41.56.jpg 2017-09-27 10.41.43.jpg 2017-09-27 10.40.32.jpg 2017-09-27 10.39.50.jpg