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*The Great U75 Politics Reading List Thread.

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by Idris2002, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Ralph Llama

    Ralph Llama Fuck the system.

    I recommend Mike Cooley`s book Architect or Bee . Where to start ? errr ok its about worker controll ... thats it , and technology
  2. Idris2002

    Idris2002 A kick up the Arás

    This looks like your best bet:


    I'm not sure if that link will work, though - let me know if it doesn't, and I'll see what else I can do.
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  3. Idris2002

    Idris2002 A kick up the Arás

  4. Dragnet

    Dragnet Well-Known Member

  5. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby The Machine Stops

    Dug out a couple of books from the pile today; can anyone recommend which is worth reading more?

    Nell - Nell McCafferty's autobiography
    Small Earthquake in Chile - Alistair Horne

  6. Idris2002

    Idris2002 A kick up the Arás

    I'd go with Nell.
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  7. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby The Machine Stops

    I did in the end! Nearly finished it and it's a real eye opener.

    Especially hearing about stuff like the plight of the Armagh Women - the hunger strikers. I had never heard of them before. Makes me want to see the film Silent Grace but that's never on the telly and the DVD costs an arm and a leg.

    Nell's great. Flawed, as any of us are, but great. I'd seen her around years back and I might have even spoken to her (memory hazy on this one) but I wish I had known her story and the wider story, back then.

    I'd seen it and I'd heard it. It was all around me but I didn't open my eyes and I didn't listen.

    Anyway, best autobiography I've read in all my years. Anyone who hasn't read it - go for it.


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