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The Final thread


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Germany just look lacklustre, the defending during that last almost chance was appalling.

is it fair to say "Frings ain't what they used to be"?

I'll get my coat.


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Get in! Incredibly deserved, Germany were shite and Ballack should fuck right off, how he was on the pitch at the end of the game only the ref knows.


Best team in the league.
Spain win and my prediction is right again. I should really start putting bets on i'm that good at football predictions.

Grego Morales

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Spain were by far the best team in the competition. They didn't come close to conceding a goal in the knockout stage, and have a team full of talent especially in midfield and attack. How did Germany get to the final, they were utterly dreadful tonight.

Well Done Spain! :)


a genuine importer of owls
What a tournament. Only one shit game, no games really blighted by referees, lots of goals, lots of attractive football, no England dominating the press with alternating tales of how they are the best team ever to play the game / utter incompetents, Ballack humilated again, and the best team wins.