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The Final thread

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So, the first question that comes to mind is, other than German people, is there anyone who wants Germany to win?

Being Spanish I'm a tad biased, but if there is any justice in this world Spain should win it. Si?

Olé! :)


I expect there are lots of people who support Germany and lots of people who expect Germany to win. They've got much more of a record of winning international tournaments.

I want Spain to win, though.


Proudly European.
First I thought France, then Portugal. Now I am going to support Germany in the hope that, since the oher teams I've thought would win, have lost, Germany will lose to Spain.




Anyhow, the highlights are on on BBC1 in 9 mins...lets see how much diving there is...


anger is an energy
i'll be happy whoever wins. Spain have been great to watch (and the final's on my brother's birthday and he's backing spain cos he's a liverpool fan), but Germany winning will piss off the "i hate de germans dey bombed our chippy" brigade, so either's good.


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Before this started I said Spain would fall apart. How wrong have I been? I just hope they prove me completely wrong.



Is a great bunch of lads.....
Want Spain to win,they along with England have to be one of the great underachievers in World Football,when ya consider the great Spanish players over the years ya wonder how come they've won fuck all.


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On this thread we're cheering for GERMANY!!!

durr...i meant to start a thread not hijack this one.

is there a way that i can only log into urban after i've had 3 cups of coffee? i keep fucking up in the mornings


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Bit torn cos I like the football Spain have played so far and Torres and Alonso play for them and also the fact they've been very unlucky in big tournaments much like the English. However I've been a German supporter since I was a kid, I think I'll root for the Germans but I'll be happy either way! :)


Mr Big Shrimp!
Not bothered, both played good football I think.
I think that Germany will churn out the win but will be close.

Grego Morales

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If Spain start with Fabregas he's gonna piss all over Metzelder and Mertesacker. Spain rarely looked like conceding against Italy or Russia and have clearly been the best side of the tournament imo. They deserve to win in the final.