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  1. Favelado

    Favelado Half to the Tower, please.

    I need a second listen. First time round I was underwhelmed after reading too many giddy reviews. I'll end up loving it.
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  2. mojo pixy

    mojo pixy unquantifiable hazards

    I've listened to it a few times. It's alright, he could do better and has done better but I like The Fall so I enjoyed it. If it turns out to be his last one I'll be more complimentary, no doubt.
  3. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    He's cancelled a lot of stuff recently, which made me think he was on his way out. However, they've just extended the NY residency by 2 days, so maybe he's ok.

    Meanwhile, 10 years today since Antony H Wilson died. Where did that go? MES's doing well in comparison :D
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  4. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I've just played it for the second time and I'm quite disappointed. It starts off OK, and seems to tail off a lot in the latter half.

    Hopefully he'll back next year with something better.
  5. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    Pics appearing online of Mark E Smith on stage at the a wheelchair, bloated head, arm in sling, and only lasted 40 mins on stage...not looking good for our beloved leader of The Fall.
  6. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Warning: posts may cause vasovagal presyncope

    Oh shit.
  7. Voley

    Voley Knees Up Mother Earth

    Yeah. I've just seen the photo too. He looks desperately ill.
  8. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Warning: posts may cause vasovagal presyncope

    Any links?
  9. Silas Loom

    Silas Loom The people have spoken, the bastards.

    That’s not good. And I’m ashamed not to be able to get The Man Whose Head Expanded out of my mind now.
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  10. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    Smiths GF posted this on her Instagram:

    "Well, you jump on stage for five minutes and the hatred from men comes. Most fans of The Fall that I've met have been an absolute and total pleasure so this is just for the dumb few, but due to Mark having to come off stage and sing from backstage, and myself going on to hype for a bit... has resulted in sexism & shaming that I've honestly never felt before. And it's a weird feeling. It bums you out for about two minutes, not long, but enough to piss you off. Mark E. Smith is a lover of women in music, he has always supported women, listens to women every day... so why are some of his fans like this? This morning I've been called a tranny, fatty, monster... it's a little shocking, quite frankly. But I can take it, I can take the lot. I suck that all in and use it for ammo. And another thing... yes, Mark is in a wheelchair and a sling, but he's getting the BEST medical care possible and his incredible Dr backed him up on this decision... to get back out there despite the odds and do something he wants to do. The Fall are people, we are people, and we need to keep our grip on sanity as much as everyone else. Mark lives for music, and yes, physically he looked messed up... but don't forget about mind and heart and SOUL. Everything inside. He needed to do this. The Fall needed to do this. And I just improvised as per. Now, we are gonna get back to our Saturday... but one more thing, it's weird when people think they own somebody and think they know better than girlfriend/family/friends. When was the last time you helped someone out that you actually KNOW, someone who needs it? Go and do that instead of chattin' trash, dammit! Stay woke in Wakefield. P.S this all happened after show/today, trolls etc, no reflection on Wakefield, a place I adore."
  11. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    He turned up and did the gig, so good for him. I wouldn't expect Mark E Smith to lay down and die.
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  12. killer b

    killer b No Hateration, No Holeration. in this Dancery

    Newcastle last night - sounding good tbh.

  13. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    I was going to go to this, but couldn’t make it. Hoping to see them in London next month instead.
  14. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka The Abominable Scotsman

    Saw them last night in Glasgow. First time I've seen them and it was a good experience. MES seemed to be on good form, despite the wheelchair. His girlfriend wasn't on keyboards, tho. :confused:
  15. Wilf

    Wilf Meeting few of his KPIs

    Glad he's (apparently) not getting worse. He's the sort of bloke who must be an absolute fucking nightmare in real life, but I'm glad he's there, still doing what he does after all these years. A necessary monster. :) It's natural to assume his ill health is drink related - has it been announced what he's suffering from? Anyway, maybe that's a bit intrusive, hope he's on the mend soon.
  16. Johnny Vodka

    Johnny Vodka The Abominable Scotsman

    Check the band's website. There's a sort of explanation of his health problems there. Yeah, no doubt he's a bit of an arse, but unlike a lot of lesser 'rock stars' who've tried to emulate that, he has an intellect and is an interesting character.
  17. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    He got rid of her, from the band at least, before this year's album. I don't know if they're still shagging though.
  18. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

    He has a new girlfriend
  19. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Last nights gig cancelled at 10pm - band read statement out on stage that many thought was going to be a death announcement - mes was apparently ignoring doctors orders by even travelling. Previous nights gig also cancelled and anyone going to tonight's london one can forget it - now officially off. Some horrible rumours doing the rounds in the usual places on the basis of one horrible tweet.
  20. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Warning: posts may cause vasovagal presyncope

    Hope he's OK. Message from him posted this morning on Fall Net:

    "A Message to All, to All. From Mark E. Smith/The Fall group. As I, like Pr Rupert leave Bristol with my tail between my legs, I wish to give my great apologies to everybody. This idiotic idea to do both shows was purely my idea, against the advice of Pamela and The Fall group, agent & promoter. Hope to replace shows within 4 - 6 weeks. In the interim we have eight new songs ready to go and will try and let you hear a few before Christmas. From head patient to you, the patients. I love you all but cannot embrace you all, Mark E. Smith".​

    ATOMIC SUPLEX Member Since: 1985 Post Count: 3

    Sounds a bit soppy for Smith. Sounds like he's heading towards the light.
  22. phillm

    phillm Trolling through Life (TM)

    He's not the nicest of folks...

    Speaking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy in a Channel 4 News interview broadcast last night and conducted, naturally, in a pub, Smith says: “Whatever you think, y’know, 45 percent – nearly half the country – is not interested in computers, doesn’t fucking want access to them, can’t afford them. That’s British. Why does everyone have to be online? That’s not English to me.”

    Smith tells the U.K.'s Channel 4 News, "What I don't understand is why are all the (Syrian) men young? Why do they leave their wives and families at home? Two million fellas could beat any f**king army. What if my dad had f**king gone to Ireland... (and) my grandad - what if they'd gone to a neutral country like Ireland in 1940? What would happen then? Nobody seems to ask that question."

    Read more at Mark E. Smith Made A Mad And Brilliant Appearance On Channel 4 News Last Night
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  23. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Monkey Boy

  24. littlebabyjesus

    littlebabyjesus one of Maxwell's demons

    Pub bore.

    He's no Stephen Hawking.
  25. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    So everyone in wheelchair has to be stephen hawking?

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