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Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by llantwit, May 31, 2006.

  1. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Speaking of food on City Road, anyone tried the new-ish Indian place that opened up where the old cyber-cafe used to be. As far as I can tell it is called "Mirchi", but they replace the first vowel with what seems to be a chilli pepper, so it's hard to know what it's called ;) But the curries were excellent the couple of times we've been in there, and it's not too dear as long as you don't order their bottled water at £4 a go :eek:
  2. llantwit

    llantwit 

    I got food-poisoning after we went there last, dude.
  3. tom-cardiff

    tom-cardiff New Member


    The curry couple at Riverside Market are great. Try the veggie Indian breakfast the next time you have a hangover on a Sunday morning. I think the food is good value for the quality.
  4. llantwit

    llantwit 

    I seem to be in a inority on this one, eh?

    Zog - I've not eaten in Mozart's, but I've been in some wicked lock-ins in there.
  5. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    correc on all counts! :cool:
    sorts u out for most of the day and u get a samosa, few bajhees, ball thingy, paratha naan, sauce and mint sauce - all for £2.50 - TWO POUND FIFTY :eek: proper bargen :cool: and they is well cool to boot :)
  6. mpython

    mpython Gimp

    Thought it was worth trying to revive this thread seeing as it's a sticky. Just had a meal with my Dad at The Huntsman in Dinas Powis and it was bloody marvellous.... little place round the back of The Star.
  7. llantwit

    llantwit 

    What food they do mpython?
  8. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    As someone who loves my food I deliberately don't recommend resturants.

    You tell some friends and they tell their friends and eventually you can't get in yourself because its full all the time. After a while because they are busy all the time the attention to detail suffers and the food goes downhill.

    Since people have mentioned the Maderia allready... Its thanks to Maderia I made my above rule. I told loads of people about it and now you have can have trouble getting a table of an evening.
    Yes it is indeed fantastic and glad to say the food hasn't gone down hill after years of being very popular.
  9. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Now that I've told you my rule I'll break it. I don't live in Cardiff any more so I might as well let spill those secrets (Don't ask me for my Pontypridd recommendation though).

    Greek - Hasapiko Greek Taverna, Whitchurch Road.
    [Great food, Greek wine served in copper carafes and on certain nights a cheerful greek music from a live band.]
    Italian - Tony's, also Whitchurch road.
    [Don't go for the decor but the food is suberb.]
    Chinese - Fortune house, Salsbury Road
    [Go for the buffet]
    English Breakfast - Ramones, Salisbury Road
    [Try eatting in the garden out the back on a nice sunny day]
    Maderia - Portuguese, Guildford Crescent, Churchill Way
    Thai - The Thai House, Guildford Crescent, Churchill Way
  10. llantwit

    llantwit 

    I'm with you on most of those Marius - Ton's pizzas are pretty damned fine.
    I don't rate Madeira, though. I've always found it very ordinary (apart from the rather cool gimmick of hanging kebabs from the ceiling on big hooks and dribbling garlic butter down them. mmmm.)
  11. zog

    zog wants to be an aardvark

    I can recomend the iranian on City rd. On the right hand side heading towards death junction. on the death junction end.
  12. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Which is why i go there, specifically for that.

    Porto's do the same but I stopped going there when they started charring their meat too much and the veg wasn't as nice as it used to be.
    Although they were OK in January when I tried to take my mother to the Maderia and they were full so we gave Porto's a second chance.

    Still prefer the Maderia over Porto's though.
  13. fatnek

    fatnek Banned Banned

    rissole from dorothys - fannytastic!
  14. Soffa_Idris

    Soffa_Idris Soffa, so good

    Ultracomida in Aberystwyth does what it says on the tin - ultimate food.

    The best tapas I've ever tasted. Better even than a lot of tapas bars I've eaten at in Barcelona, Sevilla, San Sebastian. Awsome thick hot chocolate, hand picked wines, ingenious panninis, enormous range of cheeses, proper iberico ham.

    Definitely better than the other tapas place in town. In fact, the best in Wales!

    I love that place a bit too much maybe...
  15. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    I'm a Tony's man myself.
    Always have been, always will be.

    Dot's is for losers!
  16. Dic Penderyn

    Dic Penderyn Newport Civic Pride!

    WTF!!!1 OMG!!!1

    Only a fool goes to Tony's whilst Dorothys is open!
  17. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Pah who is more fool the fool or the fool who follows the fool into Dorothy's?!!
  18. llantwit

    llantwit 

    To raise the tone a bit after all this chip talk:
    Right - I treated my mum to a meal in Bully's in Llandaff last night for her birthday, and whilst it was EXPENSIVE AS HELL, it was also incredibly good. The decor was really homely and a bit shambolic (in a good way),the service was relaxed but very attentive and the explanations of the dishes were great. The food itself was out of this world - very very good modern welsh/french, and there was a very good wine list. I totally reccommend this place if you want to splash out.:cool:
  19. ollie_chuck

    ollie_chuck New Member

    The best Curry house in the whole of south wales and well worth the trip is Indica in Pontypridd!
    The food is wonderful and the service exceptional. But dont take my word for it, try it fer yerselves!
  20. llantwit

    llantwit 

    Fighting talk.
    You'll have to contend with the Vegetarian Food Studio fans on here before I accept that one!;)
  21. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    I got them to deliver to me and wasn't fussed to be honest.
    Ponty still doesn't have a good indian if you ask me. Better off traveling to Cardiff.

    Although I haven't tried that one on the A470 by Abercynon yet and have been told its good.
  22. Strumpet

    Strumpet gypsy girl

    Wasabi near Brynmill, Swansea.

    Sushi at it's finest. Lovely atmos. and efficient staff.

    Yeh Mermaid is nice too LMHF :cool:

    *kicks zog in the shin for the foody comment about Swansea n runs off* :mad: :p
  23. Col_Buendia

    Col_Buendia sort code

    Bad news concerning the "Spice Merchant" restaurant down on Mermaid Quay... it's not very good. Over-priced curries with a fairly stunning lack of ooomph for somewhere that is presenting itself as the bees knees of Indian cooking. Boo :(
  24. Sweaty Betty

    Sweaty Betty Hemo rising!

    Im glad you said that as im fed up of people crowing on about it....its shit:D - give me a kismet off shitty City Rd anyday!!:)
  25. Tan_Y_Ddraig

    Tan_Y_Ddraig New Member

    Has anyone tried the Spice Route in the red dragon centre in cardiff bay?

    I've walked passed it loads of times, read some amazing reviews, and read their website, it sounds amazing, specially the lunch time buffet.

    I seriously need to give them a try some time soon.
  26. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Best food in cardiff imho is to be found at Le Gallois on Romilly Crescent, just round the corner from The Robin Hood. three courses for £14!
  27. llantwit

    llantwit 

  28. llantwit

    llantwit 

    The one in the Brewery Quarter's a bit shite as well, unfortunately. Looks posh, but the food was bland, and not that nice.
    Won best Indian Restaurant in Wales, but it's not all that. Certainly not beter than the VFS, and I'd much prefer to go to the Gulshan off Clifton St for a take-away.
  29. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    The more expensive a curry house is the richer the clientel will be and the blander the food needs to be. Posh people can't handle hot.

    Want heat then head for the cheap seats.
  30. zog

    zog wants to be an aardvark

    I can Vouch for the Ichyban (if that's how you spell it) on Albany road. Nice japanese food.

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