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The dog thread is better than the cat thread, because it features dogs.


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I am thinking about tick collars since I have just pulled 2 ticks off Hazel - unlikely to be the last. I generally use a spot-on treatment every 4 weeks (Fipronil is the active ingredient for ticks...but wanted a longer term preventative. The Bayer Sereneto (I think) gets good reviews...but as always, hard to balance the real risk of |Lymes against hardcore chemical treatments.
Anyone else used a tick/flea collar (although fleas are the least of my worries since they are easy to stay on top of with a comb).


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The little bastard gave us a hell of a fright though when he disappeared for eight hours.

We were staying in an utterly remote cottage on the edge of Cadr Idris mountain, with nothing but forestry and sheep farming around us. We thought the garden was secure but Ted discovered otherwise between 8:45am and 9am on Wednesday 8 May. We spent the next 8 hours climbing and driving around the area, speaking to local farmers (and estate agents) and contacting pet search services, which required driving into town, through 10 gates each way and an hour’s round trip. Three times because we kept going back to the house to check if he was there.

Then we returned to the house again at 5pm, hoping he was waiting by the front door. He wasn’t, hearts sank. And then a little worried face peeped around the corner of the house. Ted was totally filthy and overjoyed to see us. “I’ve had a hell of a day,” he told us. “Really.” We responded.


diminished responsibilty
We were in Wales last week. We were pulling about 6-10 ticks off Ted a day. I’ve never known anything like it.
My farmer neighbour and his dog both got Lyme disease a couple of years ago - the dog almost died and is still a bit shonky, 2 years on. Norfolk is up there, with Wales and New Forest for ticks and preponderance of Lymes so I am deeply worried, given the amount of time we spend in the woods. I have used Fipronil since Hazel was a pup and fear growing resistance (which definitely happened with older iterations of Frontline). It is easy to see if humans have been infected by a tick bite, but dogs, less so...and it can be hard to diagnose, some weeks and months after the actual bite. I might have to dig deep, swallow my distaste for Bayer/Monsanto and buy their expensive (£35+) tick collar.