The Costs of Estate Regeneration - report

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by editor, Sep 12, 2018.

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    years ago hackney council said they were going to increase council rents to 80% of market rent, which was ridiculous as where i was living, in an auld tower block, you'd expect something rather more in return for such a rent and there were in any case no comparable private tower blocks with which to make the comparison. at the time this would have been feasible for people in receipt of housing benefit - one part of the council would simply have paid another part of the council. but the logic behind this would be to remove large numbers of tenants who would have been working but unable to meet market rents. then the council started looking at "regenerating" council estates, starting with the haggerston. the auld lcc buildings which had years of life left in them if properly managed now demolished and replaced with yuppie flats which will be fucked in 20 years time. but if you want a better class of residents in the borough (ie not the working class) then it makes perfect sense to demolish estates and import the rich. much quicker than waiting for people to fall behind in their rent.
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    the auld haggerston in the 1950s

    and now
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    This is the model used for MFN/oval quarter mentioned in the OP.
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