The Brixton Late Night Jam 2 @ Club 414

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    Give thanks to all those who showed the love and support for the 414 at the last Brixton Late Night Jam session, you made it worthwhile.

    For this event we will continue in the same vein and provide for you some of Brixton’s best upcoming artist and musicians, giving them the opportunity to play in front of a live audience in order to gain that vital experience needed before moving on to bigger and better things.

    Artist and MC (Master of Ceremony) Rev. Be. Atwell (Alabama 3) will take care of the night’s proceedings along with Dj Rev. D. Wayne Love View attachment 146453 (Alabama 3)

    ROOM 1
    Artist-MC: Rev Be Atwell (Alabama 3)
    Dj Rev. D. Wayne Love (Alabama 3)

    The Forlorn Hope
    Ese Okorodudu
    Richarde McKoy

    Ent Free with flyer b412 £3 b412 £5 after.

    ROOM 2 (Chill Out Lounge/cafe)
    A beautiful place to sit down and chill, chat with your friends or eat some food.

    FOOD: Curry Goat & White Rice, Chicken & White Rice, Calaloo, Potato salad, Coleslaw, Salad, Prawns & more,

    ROOF TERRACE: Open Roof terrace for those who wish to smoke.

    Club 414
    414 Coldharbour Lane,
    SW9 8LF

    Tube = Brixton
    (Victoria Line – 24 hours)

    Rail = Brixton Mainline station

    Daytime buses = 2, 3, 35, 37, 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 196, 250, 322, 333, 345, 355, 415, 432,
    P4, P5

    Directions: Come out of Brixton tube station and turn left. Walk 100 yards till you see KFC on your left. Turn left and walk 100 yards. You have reached your destination on the left.
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    Master of Ceremony Rev. Be. Atwell.

    Giving it up for my brothers my totaly adorable sisters wherever they may be and show some straight up and down respect for the acts that came to Club 414s Urban Showcase , The band Forlorn Hope brought the Historical punk anarchist nature back with a refreshing set of musical ingredients an expirinecd outfit full of surprises.and then karmalivenergy's Ricard'e McCoy came on and showed us some live Magic with some of their bands tracks wooowing the audience to the point where they were getting up to be a part of it in every sense. .This was coupled with a wall of totally mind captivating Poetry from two of the most intresting fellas you ever have the pleasure of meeting Neanderthal Bard a man made of pure flowing insight and a Pasionate rendering of self what a guy with our national poetry entrant Bryan Beadyman Wilson Who will be taking us to the Royal Albert Hall next July the nan is like a cognatI've and trustworthy version of the news with views ,and our Dj who Don't play Rev D. Wayne Love (ALABAMA3) moving the floor into the late hours asleep well as all those who were game and jumped on the mic.

    Thank you all and see you for part two this Wednesday 10pm-3am 12th/9th/2018.

    . Rev. Be. Atwell.jpg
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    Grass Roots Pic-2 copy.jpg
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    Spokenwords Bryan Beady Man Wilson.

    Bryan Beady Man Wilson.jpg
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  6. Anthony Pommell

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  7. Anthony Pommell

    Anthony Pommell Well-Known Member

    George Kelly live! @ Bar 414's Brixton Late Night Jam.
    Every Wednesday 10pm - 3am.

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