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Discussion in 'theory, philosophy & history' started by Santino, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Santino

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    Is there a good critical/scholarly edition of The Bible, that explains the textual history of each book as you go along and has good notes?
  2. Sprocket.

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    The only critical work I have glanced at is the Norton Critical Edition of the King James Bible. But I didn’t do more than have a quick thumb through before deciding it was too in-depth for the studies I required it for.
    I used Karen Armstrong’s, The Bible: A Biography. This is the story of how the Bible was compiled from Hebrew texts from the North and South of The region.
    It is a good, informative read that gives a background and explanation of how this powerful and world changing book came to be, whether the reader is an atheist or believer.
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    I was going to mention the Norton Critical edition of KJB as well. Can pick it up well cheap - for a near 3000 page edition anyway - if you don't do the epubs. I was sure i'd read a multi-volume Cambridge edition but on checking that turns out be their series on christian history.

    edit: just noticed that the link is just the old testament/hebrew bible. Vol 2 covers the NT and the Apocrypha
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  6. Patteran

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    I've the Volume 2 epub if it's wanted.
  7. ItWillNeverWork

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    For just the Torah you could try reading The Bible with Sources Revealed, by Richard Friedman. It uses different colour fonts to highlight which passages in the books of Moses come from which source according to the Documentary Hypothesis. Pretty fascinating to see how much of the particularly obnoxious stuff is from the 'Priestly' source, and was added centuries after the original document was composed. Well fascinating for a nerd like me anyway.
  8. JimW

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    Bit off topic but recall enjoying a John Romer documentary on the historicity of the Bible, think it's on YouTube.
    ETA: this was it: Testament - DocuWiki
  9. ItWillNeverWork

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    Here's the YouTube link. I'll be back in seven hours with a review once I've watched them all. :D

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