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Discussion in 'education & employment' started by nagapie, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Yeah it will

    Any change in information puts the claim on a temporary hold. On the old rules it would be sorted in a week or so. With the universal credit thing it could take a very long time.

    Main thing is losing that transitional protection though. Any change to a claim loses that and you could potentially lose a small fortune because of that.
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    Has she considered self employment? There's plenty of stuff she could do if she's unskilled, e.g. cleaning or dog walking.
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    Yes, she's doing bits and bobs now but it's not steady work and she isn't making quite enough.
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    Universal Credit is such a mess. I don't deal with it enough to have any useful current practical experience, but i have had some training recently (really good training, I trust what they say - I don't however trust DWP call handlers or claims processors to know what the current rules are!). The rules about this were changed recently I think as the gov has been forced to slow down migration onto UC

    This page sums it up nicely as far as I can tell

    Universal Credit triggers - Entitledto

    Basically the way I understood it (but get advice - don't assume i understood correctly)

    - if it's simply a change of circumstance for benefits you are already in receipt of and you aren't moving to a different local authority area, you can choose to stay on the old style benefits or choose to move to UC

    - if you're needing to apply for a new benefit: due to a change of circs, or because you are moving to a new LA area then this will trigger a UC claim no choice

    Once a new UC claim has been made you can't go back to your old benefits even if you could have stayed on them - this counts even if you are misadvised by DWP I think.

    I think some of the dangers are
    - you might be better or worse off on either benefit, so if there is a choice then an informed decision whether to apply or not is important

    - that DWP staff might unwittingly not understand that a claimant may have the right to stay on the old benefit

    - they might not make it clear to a claimant that they have a CHOICE in some situations

    So it is REALLY important to get advice and back up from CAB or similar before making any changes
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