The battle to save Queensbury Tunnel, one of England's longest disused railway tunnels

Discussion in 'transport' started by editor, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Appears to be some very reassuring moves on re-opening for leisure use some of these , good progress in Wales on the Blaengwynfi Tunnel , - the one I would like to see re-opened would be the Torpantau Tunnel (just north of the end of the Brecon Mountain Railway) , and the turning of the track bed north towards Talybont into a cycle / hiking route. Superb scenic route.

    Course a railway would be good too ......
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    It just seems such an obvious and sensible use of it, with genuine long term financial and public health benefits. The fact it’s even up for debate is madness.
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    Slightly off topic. That top picture alone is a cracking example of how bad plastics are that end up in water ways via flooding. Makes you wonder how long some of that has been there and shows no sign of degrading.
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    There are two tunnels on that site, they used to make up part of Queensbury Triangle station which served routes between Bradford, Halifax and Keighley. A lot of the former railway is now used as cycle/foot paths and many of the viaducts still exist.
    The other tunnel, heading towards Clayton, now ends somewhere under a Barratt estate in Clayton village. The residents of the house may not even know it's there.
    Clayton tunnel was in use until (quite) recently as a cannabis farm. Cannabis discovery in Clayton railway tunnel

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