The amazing tunnels under New York

Discussion in 'New York/US' started by editor, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. editor

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    Crossrail just doesn't have the glamour.

    Probably no chance of visiting these, I suppose, it being a live site.:(
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  3. editor

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    It does look an incredible sight.
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  6. ChrisD

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    Interesting thread

    ".......A huge public works project ............ the cost estimate has been raised to $8.4 billion"

    so in the land of private enterprise they're not afraid to spend a few $$$ on infrastructure then?
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  7. pogofish

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    From what I remember, many US public infrastructure projects are financed by a semi-detached bonds-based method that can prove pretty cost (or tax) effective for coroprate interests, banks etc who are often represented on the boards of the comissioning authorities. And NY more or less wrote the book on using and running them back in the Robert Moses days.
  8. Yuwipi Woman

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    The new mantra is "socialize costs, privitize profits."
  9. Crispy

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    Yep. Ken tried to use a similar scheme for the Underground modernisation, bringing in Bob Kiley (former CEO of Newy York's Metropolitan Transit Authority) to plan it. But Gordon Brown forced PPP through instead, and the rest is history. £Billions in public money wasted.

    The New York project is impressive, but Crossrail is 3x the cost and complexity.

    Although this new station will be a monster. 164k/day is 50-60m/year, which is Liverpool St. or Victoria numbers, but underground. 8 platforms in two giant caverns:


    You can see the four tunnel mouths per station cavern in the photos in the OP.
  10. equationgirl

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    As an engineer I find this truly amazing.
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  11. Ponyutd

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    Danny Baker is doing a program on tunnels in the u.k.
    Not sure when it's due out though.
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  12. Prince Bert

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    If you stare at his tool for a few seconds it looks like Short Circuit.
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  15. flypanam

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  16. petee

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  17. Dogmeat

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    Interesting stuff, I've always had the urge to explore places like that.
  18. editor

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    Not sure if they're as impressive as our very own Crossrail ones, but still mighty grand:


    2.jpg 3.jpg

    More here:

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    While the tunnels aren't as long as Crossrail, the station they're building down there is colossal. The tunnelling looks much easier though. Just hacking through self-supporting rock. No need to prop/line as you go.
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  23. equationgirl

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  25. petee

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  26. petee

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  27. UnderAnOpenSky

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    Not quite the same, but slate mines can be vast for huge, underground things constructed by humans.
  28. davesgcr

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  29. petee

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    Have you seen the G-cans project in Japan? Not transport tunnels but well worth a look...for sheer size.
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