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The amazing floating piazza at Covent Garden


I'm rather easily pleased, but I saw the 'artist' being interviewed on the telly and he was a fucking bellend.
Happily, the artist doesn't stand around the sculpture talking 24/7 so I was able to appreciate the work for what it was.


it looks like something they'd have on display at blackpool pleasure beach.
If you mean in the sense that it appears to be giving a lot of pleasure to passers by, then yes.

It seemed very popular when I was there. And it's free to view too, which is good.


so is Coral Island. :cool:

blackpool has some spectacular buildings. Have you seen their Yates's?

I'm sure you've got an amazing point to make here, but I'm afraid I'm failing to find anything you've posted up in this thread remotely interesting. I've no idea why you've posted up a photo of a Blackpool pub either.

killer b

Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy
I'm not trying to make a point, just posting the building in Blackpool it reminded me of. I came across the Yates's while I was looking for it and thought you'd like it is all, seeing as you're a man who appreciates modernist architecture.
really annoyed that I forgot to visit this when I was in London last week (I'm from Devon). Does it wave at all in strong winds? Is it being damaged by people touching etc ?