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The 2017 General Election campaign

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by brogdale, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. redsquirrel

    redsquirrel This Machine Kills Progressives

    "revolutionary leadership for the working-class", good job too, how else will the proles know what to do.
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  2. Raheem

    Raheem Well-Known Member

    OK, maybe not everyone would agree with everything in there. I definitely know some people who think it's a bit late in the day to do anything about the Balfour Declaration, or don't put it very high on their list of priorities. Other than that, I think the disillusioned Tory vote is theirs for the taking.
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  3. mikey mikey

    mikey mikey Well-Known Member

    He's not wrong.
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  4. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious

    But please remember, nobody in the Brexit campaign was fooled or duped.
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  5. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious

    Let's disenfranchise the working class, then we can have a proper socialist government.
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  6. chilango

    chilango By the many, not the few.

    I'm not seeing that happening here behind enemy lines...
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  7. Jeremiah18.17

    Jeremiah18.17 Well-Known Member

    I am in a Labour held North Midlands constituency vulnerable to falling to the Tories if they can get enough UKIP voters from last time to switch. This, and similar constituencies have been focused on in reporting about the Tories getting ready to seize core Labour constituencies that have been red for nearly a hundred years. We have had expensive wrap around ads on the local paper ( which itself is ramping the Tory campaign, even without the wrap). We have now had two personalised direct mail letters from "Theresa May" focused on Brexit which is their key way of appealing to UKIP switchers. These have come to us as we are registered postal voters, so that is where they are concentrating resources ATM. Goodness knows what they are doing with algorithm generated tailored content and ads on FB, we can only imagine, but we would not see that as we are not in the target demographic. I agree with dog sauce, we will not even see what they are doing due to the now very focused, technologically enabled targeted campaigning. Opinion polling would have to be massively refined, detailed and expensive in a vast number of target seats to now keep up with Cambridge Analytica style campaigning. As such, I think most opinion polls are worse than useless in making predictions now.
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  8. bimble

    bimble uber-hippy twonk peanut

    Today's DM has an 'article' by Theresa May in it, ramming home the message that she is counting on its readers else she will lose to the red menace.
    I'm kind of amazed, maybe that's just ignorance though - is this normal?

    Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 08.41.48.png
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  9. rutabowa

    rutabowa YUPPIES OUT

    I think you're all being very cynical
  10. chilango

    chilango By the many, not the few.

    Fair enough.

    Here in a Tory held semi-marginal that largely voted remain, I'm seeing nothing special. I know plenty of Tory voters - some rock solid, some 2010 Lib Dems/1997 Blair voters. No sign of anything other than their votes being taken for granted. Sadly, rightly so.
  11. Sue

    Sue Well-Known Member

    Fucking hell, I've just had Labour round canvassing. Unheard of in these parts.
  12. mikey mikey

    mikey mikey Well-Known Member

  13. taffboy gwyrdd

    taffboy gwyrdd Embrace the confusion!


    Entire mainstream media, acting as one, shifts election coverage onto Trident missiles after dreadful reaction to Tory pensioner proposals.
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  14. taffboy gwyrdd

    taffboy gwyrdd Embrace the confusion!

  15. taffboy gwyrdd

    taffboy gwyrdd Embrace the confusion!

    "If I lose 6 seats" - HER seats mark you, not the parties. She is so bad at hiding her authoritarianism. The odd thing is that they try to make something of her "personality" when she is such a charmless dullard. But there's a thing, charmless dullardism resonates strongly with the bitter bourgeois and other dupes for social darwinism, capital etc. Theres also an unstated and illogical projected synonimity between "dull" and "competent"
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  16. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist my world is fire and blood

    I've had a labour leaflet from one Mike Scrimshaw. I'm sure his ivory carving is top notch. No mention of corbyn on it.
  17. agricola

    agricola a genuine importer of owls

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  18. billy_bob

    billy_bob Flourishing both sides the Tweed

    Shame my kid was in school when she was on Tyneside. Would have had him out with a 'Theresa May is a doylem' sign.
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  19. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member

  20. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member


    What a banner, gets it all in.
  21. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member

    Big crowd for the Wirral.

    Didn't know you were in the Wirrall, Agri.
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  22. treelover

    treelover Well-Known Member


    Its rather large.
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  23. killer b

    killer b Ennui Rollins

    I'm just back from Kirby, it was busy. They were playing some choice disco cuts beforehand too.
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  24. killer b

    killer b Ennui Rollins

    Here's in either direction from where we were


  25. Artaxerxes

    Artaxerxes Well-Known Member

    They should send him to some Conservative safe seats, let him sink or swim and deal with hecklers.

    In person he's great but not many conservative voters have dealt with him.
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  26. killer b

    killer b Ennui Rollins

    He's been in loads of Tory seats. This is one of the few marginals he's been afaik
  27. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    Yeh he did fuck all in the referendum make him work now
  28. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Would appreciate it loads if Greenwood was re-elected :) ;)
  29. Artaxerxes

    Artaxerxes Well-Known Member

    Look, if Angela Eagle says he worked hard in the Ref, who am I to doubt such a fine politician?
  30. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

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