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Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by MrTAToad, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. MrTAToad

    MrTAToad New Member


    I was wondering if any of you nice people would be able to convert the included text files from English to Welsh.

    This is for my game that I'm developing (my website is at Spots - it has an oldish demo on it) - or you can view the YouTube video :

    Everything to the right of the = sign needs converting (in the language.txt file), whilst everything in the instructions.txt needs convert - so far I've had the former converted to Italian, and hopefully more soon.


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  2. Ben Bore

    Ben Bore Active Member

    If one guy can , I'm sure this can be done.

    I'll cross-post this on other sites.
  3. garethvjones

    garethvjones New Member

  4. MrTAToad

    MrTAToad New Member

    Thanks - Someone was nice enough to convert it to Welsh for me, which was great. I could also do with Cornish, Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic too, if anyone is interested in converting to those too...

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