Test tube steak...the future of food

Discussion in 'science, nature and environment' started by Lupa, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Most vegans (not one cohesive hive-mind, btw) would disapprove of being a pescaterian, so why are you giving a shit about what they'll have to say about this ? Are you saying you can't see the difference between lab grown cell cultures and living creatures who are prone to abuse when it comes to industrial farming ? Are you aware of the environmental damage industrial farming of livestock causes, including fish farms and the massive over-fishing that goes on ?

    Pro-lifers claim that from the moment of conception a fetus is a human being whose right to life equals that of the mother. Can you see the correlation with your argument ? The cell cultures grown for food never even have the chance to develop into anything that lives or feels, so what’s with the moral objections ?
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    Yes, I have watched it. What is the 'nutrient dense serum' that they add to the cells? As I understand it, virtually all lab grown meat use a 'meat broth' or fetal serum. You don't just put some cells in a petri dish and watch them grow.
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    Ok.. you're objecting to fetal serum?

    Here's some more info. There is a move to use something other than feral serum.

    The Science Behind Lab-Grown Meat
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    I think we have been doing this thread in various forms since what, 2010..?
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    Dunno. I did look for "test tube meat" as a thread title but nothing showed.
    The video is new enough though.
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    "Test tube meat" takes us back to an even earlier thread on this subject - from 2005..!
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    Cool :cool: :D
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    The reason why this has been making the science news in 2018 is because back then it was a theory, now its close to being reality. The technology is there, the only thing in its way are regulations and cost. They aren't at a point where they can produce an actual steak, with muscle and fat texture but they can make convicting ground beef and processed meat products like burgers and sausages. Steak, etc is a few years away.

    A new lab-grown meat startup may have overcome a key barrier to making meat without slaughter
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    The primary climate concern over red meats is methane. Methane

    Which is in the order of 0.6-0.07w/m2 or about 20-25% of the net human sourced radiative forcing. (image from IPCC AR5)

    Agriculture is a significant source of greenhouse gasses

    Figure 13 from

    Beef is very resource intensive in terms of land, water and CO2e. So finding a substitute that has a much lower impact will likely be a more rapid way of reducing that impact than trying and waiting for a major shift in diet choices, though this will depend the resources required for the new technology. In vitro meat is making claims of 70-90% lower CO2e, 99% lower land use and 80% lower water use.

    Some of the objections to this seem to be being made by simpletons.
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