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Tell me about Wahaca


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Instead of matches, they have chilli seeds that you can grow yourself. :cool:

Not eaten there, but it seems to get rated highly.


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It is nice - probably a bit over-rated, but not expensive. But I tried to go last night, we got there at 7.30 and they said there wasn't a table until about 8.45, which seemed ridiculous, and annoying then that you can't book. They did seem quite efficient though about having a list, so you could go away for a drink and come back. So as long as you plan that, it's fine.


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i've been to wahaca, and apart from the company i was with i had a very nice time. the food was simply delightful and the cocktails were gorgeous :)


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you can definitely book pacifico. i went there a couple of months ago. it is pricey though.


We got to Wahaca at about 6ish and didn't have to wait. I got to sit next to Josh Hartnett tooo. :)

The marguarita was delicious but thE other half's burrito lacked chicken and a bit of flavour.

Will definitely go back.


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Taqueria on Westbourne Grove shits all over Wahaca, a business that can't even spell its own name properly. Sure, pronouncing Oaxaca isn't obvious for English customers, but maybe call the restaurants something else then,rather than misspelling it.