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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by IMR, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. ernestolynch

    ernestolynch Banned Banned

    Lool. Bunch of racists.
  2. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    I quite like the council, I used to work for the council at the adult education college (scola) and generally think they're not bad at all, very fair employers too.

    I wouldnt want to live in sutton itself, but its got good transport links, but as mentioned is rough at kicking out time.

    Personally i was gonna live in the borough it would be carshalton beeches.
  3. ernestolynch

    ernestolynch Banned Banned

    Posh twat
  4. TopCat

    TopCat Gone away, no forwarding address

    You are so like a Sutton Social Worker...:)
  5. Stoat Boy

    Stoat Boy Banned Banned

    To many Chelsea supporting scaffolders for my liking.
  6. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    Where do you live Ern?
  7. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    Well i would be a. If it still worked in sutton, b. am a social worked.

    I now work for elmbridge. Who are basically cunts.
  8. Gavin Bl

    Gavin Bl terrible awful baaad

    I lived there for about 6 months in the 90s, so I thought it might have changed, but judging from the comments it hasn't.

    Everyone seemed very angry, all the time. When England went out of Euro 96, some people smashed up an Irish pub and a nice Spanish restaurants. This very weird worked up kind of anger, like that Harry Enfield character who winds himself up into a frenzy about something that hasn't happened. If Sutton was a person, it would be an angry middle aged man.
  9. ernestolynch

    ernestolynch Banned Banned

    Lol, bean poetry.
  10. nickychemistry

    nickychemistry New Member

    "Thats the name i couldn't remember!

    apparently it dissapeared up the owners nose, or so was always the local 'word'

    bought my first World Dance @ Lydd tickets there"!"

    Hello it was me (Nicky) who apparently lost my record shop 'up my nose'. While it was true I did like a rent doubled and HMV were selling records cheaper then I was buying them. I loved my time running the shop and I loved all of my customers, so thank you for coming in my shop. I am on facebook under Nicola Davies was Fox if you (or anyone want a chat)... By the way 'hardcore will never die' xx
  11. DaveCinzano


    Nice enough.

    Though watch your back - baton-happy riot cop Simon Harwood lives there (in Carshalton, obviously).
  12. Balham

    Balham If it ain't in London then, well, it just ain't.

    You're not the only one.
    I only saw this yesterday while looking for some info about Sutton Arcade, though have been a follower of Urban75 for a while. My Grandparents lived in Brixton so . . . . . I spent time there also.

    I grew up in Sutton, left in about 1987 and returned to the borough of in 1991. Left again a few years ago.

    For the transport, well, trains via West Croydon, stopping at every station, aaaaggghhhhh (then anyway). There was the London Victoria - Bognor Regis & Portsmouth Harbour express though that stopped about 1978 I think though it was only 20 minutes to Victoria. At 22 minutes past the hour to Victoria and at 22 minutes past the hour to Portsmouth Harbour and Bognor Regis from Sutton Generally it (transport) is pretty good though.

    I know it (both the town and the borough of) have some parts better than others, it is not as 'cosy' a town as it was years ago, it has changed but many places have changed.
    But I miss it! It has in parts seen better days, High Street, Sutton, lost many years ago the charm it might have had, I remember it well in the sixties.

    I live in France now but I miss Sutton, I miss London, something rotten and one day will be back.
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  13. HelenLucy_

    HelenLucy_ New Member


    I was just wondering if anyone remembers what Revolution (the club opposite the train station) on Sutton High Street used to be before it became Revs? Also if anyone knows how long it has been there?

  14. cybertect

    cybertect It's grim up north (London)

    Before Revolution, it used to be The Litten Tree pub (till about 2005?)

    I think I only went in there once and it seemed to be full of under 16s. Haven't been tempted in to Revs as I usually drink in The Old Bank if I'm having a pint near the station.

    ISTR a Charrington pub before that, but I'm getting vague.
  15. Chz

    Chz Stark Raving Sane

    Revolution's fine outside of Friday and Saturday night when the local fauna come out to play *shudder*. But since there aren't any good pubs on the High Street, the Old Bank is the easiest place for a drink. I don't miss living on Mulgrave Rd. one bit.
  16. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    it was definitely something before it was the Litten Tree but buggered if i can remember what it was called.
  17. cybertect

    cybertect It's grim up north (London)

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  18. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    I'll ask Mr.QofG's if he has any choice "Litten Tree" stories as I know he used to drink there. Well tbf as he grew up in Carshalton/Sutton there aren't that many pubs, especially on the High Street, he doesn't at least know a little but I am pretty sure the Litten Tree was one he frequented quite a bit.

    Still wished I lived there rather than sodding Maidenhead! :D
  19. QueenOfGoths

    QueenOfGoths Fuck you Dave!

    Mr.QofG's says it was "Buffers" before it became "The Litten Tree" and "Whistle Stop" before it was "Buffers"!
  20. HelenLucy_

    HelenLucy_ New Member

    Thank you!
  21. sim667

    sim667 Licking windows on the 303 bus.

    God the litten tree was a fucking hole.
  22. Garek

    Garek Living n ADDled chaos

    I remember reading on Diamond Geezer's blog, he who did visited each of the boroughos London, that it was the most boring with nothing worthwhile in it.
  23. Balham

    Balham If it ain't in London then, well, it just ain't.

    Don't know if Sutton could be called the most boring part of London, the High Street is nothing like it was years ago, it has been ruined (who ever signed the demolition order for the Arcade should be hung drawn and quartered or at least punished a bit for being silly). There are nice parts if you know where to look, it is a quiet borough, doesn't shout too much, or rather blow its own trumpet but I have many happy memories from there.
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  24. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    Yeah the arcade was lovely as arcades go.

    I would say there are much more boring places. Redbridge for example.
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  25. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    I lived in Sutton in 2000/01. Was alright. Bit of a small-town mentality though. Easy to get to central London, etc.
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  26. Garek

    Garek Living n ADDled chaos

    Wow, nice:

    Peckham used to have something similar, also sadly lost.
  27. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    My ex's sister got called a 'narrow arsed cunt' by an Irish beggar in Sutton after refusing to give him a pound.

    'Ya narra-arsed cunt-cha' :D
  28. Dan U

    Dan U Boompty

    There used to be a record shop in that arcade.

    Also used to score hash off someone round there a long time ago!
  29. Onket

    Onket Je suis [CONTENT REMOVED]

    Would be interested in a Dan U drug map of London.

    Hash in Sutton, pills from the Cressingham Gardens Estate. :D
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  30. cybertect

    cybertect It's grim up north (London)

    There were a couple, Chick a Boom and Clubland - discussed by us on page 1 of this thread :D

    BTW, Matthew Wood, who was the pedestrian killed in the helicopter crash at Vauxhall last month, used to work at Hot Rocks record shop on the Cheam Road. RIP Matt. :(
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