Tax return blues - would a bit of solidarity help?

Discussion in 'education & employment' started by billy_bob, Jan 8, 2015.

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    I have a client with an unusual benefit/pension from the state. Every fucking year HMRC send her a Tax Calculation (dated before 31st January but always received in February) saying they have changed the entries on her Tax Return when they haven't! And every fucking year she phones me up panicking as this statement seems to say she hasn't paid the right amount of tax when she has!

    If any of you get an SA302 Tax Calculation please read it carefully and then look at your online account before panicking. The entry that says what is due by 31st January DOES NOT include any payments you might have made.

    End of rant. :oops:
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    I've nailed it - 2017/18 accounts just gone to the accountants, I've never been this early! :thumbs:
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    This time last year, I'd already submitted two Tax Returns for clients who needed SA302 equivalents for loans.

    This year, there's less pressure but I still need to get at least one out of the way before the end of the month as the client will be due a much-needed refund.
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    Didn't realise this thread was still going, sorry.

    If you filed online around 31-1-18 your itr (tax return) wouldn't have been logged by 2-2-18 so couldn't be amended. After a week it should be fine.

    You can call 0300 200 3310 and they will amend it for you if you ask nice.

    Don't ever worry about £20. We have buffers. I'm not telling you what they are obviously but it's not £20 :)
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    Brilliant. Now call 0300 322 7823 and set up a monthly direct debit over the next 8 or 9 months and you won't have a big bill just after xmas next year :)

    (I'd suggest putting the money away yourself but apparently very few people in the UK are capable of that.)
  7. cupid_stunt

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    It's sitting in various accounts earning 2 - 3%, and it's staying there until the last moment. :thumbs:
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