Synergy and Cooltan

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by steve indigenou, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. hipipol

    hipipol Peckham Wry

    Liquid Spiral

    Did some good parties, used to be on their mailing list

    I suggest that if any of the Synergy crew are ex-Liquid we all give the benefit of the doubt for the present.
    It seems a little harsh to condemn something before it has even opened.

    As for all the Goa slagging bit, unless you've been there, FUCK OFF!!!!
  2. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    ok.. i've prevaricated long enough and you are an arse.

    we DID NOT judge steve and synergy on their own merits. as has been repeated often enough even for someone of your Biblical levels of tenaciousness and obtuseness, the issue was with your branding.

    i'm tiring of you now, you're not even an interesting wind-up merchant.
  3. Blagsta

    Blagsta Minimum cage, maximum cage

    Liquid Spiral

    No, I haven't been there, but its all the cod-mysticism that goes with that brand of trance that gets on my tits. Fuckin'ell, I'm a bit of a cozzer, I'm re-reading RAW's Illuminatus trilogy at at the moment, but please take it all with a pinch of salt and a critical eye...
  4. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    "i'm tiring of you now, you're not even an interesting wind-up merchant."

    You sure there isn't something behind all this you're not telling us Dub? Your rection seems OTT to someone you don't know.

    Anyway, could you stop now please.
  5. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    i thought i had, it's young josef who in every post - masquerading as some kind of apology/explanation/olive branch - slips in another snide little comment.

    as if nobody ever gets on your tits, hatboy :p

    nothing at all, thanks
  6. hipipol

    hipipol Peckham Wry

    Oooh, bicker, bicker, bicker

    I think perhaps we should all go to the opening night and spend some time chanting Om Shanti Shiva Om under a teepee

    This would re-balance the mood energy like:D :D
  7. isvicthere?

    isvicthere? a.k.a. floppybollocks

    jdc - why do you end each of your (increasingly) truculent posts with the epithet "Peace"?
  8. editor

    editor hiraethified

    Oooh, bicker, bicker, bicker

    The only chanting that comes out of my mouth goes along the lines of, "WE LOVE YOU CARDIFF, WE DO...."
  9. jdaviescoates

    jdaviescoates New Member

    Hey man, coz I'm kinda like a peace loving hippy dude y'know. :D

    Well, actually, because however my truculent my posts may seems to you (or others), I really mean no harm or disrespect to anybody. My peace is heartfelt and honest.

    Having made more posts than I normally do on boards though, I'm starting to tire of it too...

    But here goes anyway,


  10. Spud Murphy III

    Spud Murphy III Housewives' choice

    The Phone Co-op looks good (from the link on your site).
  11. han

    han brixton hill hobbit

    I don't know what the dictionary definition of a 'hippy' is, but I thought it was about being open, into not hurting things, and generally being a peaceful person. You certainly don't have to be into chakras and psychedelic trance, dear William, do you?! I'd certainly strike myself of the hippy register if so ;)

    It always seems to be used as a derogatory word these days :(
  12. jdaviescoates

    jdaviescoates New Member

    The Phone Coop is good.

    A question (NOT a dig, just an observation and honest wonder): why is urban75 hosted with a standard corporate company?

    Rather than someone like the UK Free Software Network ?


  13. isvicthere?

    isvicthere? a.k.a. floppybollocks

    The term "hippie" was first used in a San Francisco local newspaper (forgotten the title) in September 1965. It was a deliberate variation on the term "hipster" (thought to be coined by Norman Mailer) to describe the then very unconventional bohemian types who had formed a community in the city's Haight-Ashbury district. The term did not become widely used until about a year or so later.
  14. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Not very chilled out here.

    Read Steve indigenou post with interest(leaving aside the rest of it).In many "alternative" type organisations organisation and going "mainstream" is a source of conflict.I from my own experience in housing understand what Steve says about the "tyranny of structurelessness".Organisation in the more traditional sense can lead to greater transparancy and internal democracy.

    It seems to me that Synergy are attempting to do something positive-even if its not my thing.Im glad the Council /Arts Council are giving them a chance with funding.

    Ten pounds may seem a lot-but its not much more than a cinema ticket in London now.
  15. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    I know, and that's a shame :(

    I see myself as a straightforward festie-going hippy meself, minus the chakra realignment stuff. Also, I'm neither a committed fan nor a committed hater of trance -- can take it or leave it.

  16. tommers

    tommers Your disco needs you

    bring on the revolution my children!!

    then you can all sit about and bicker about whether you're hippies, capitalists or chakra obsessed trance merchants all you want.

    organising a piss up in a brewery anyone?
  17. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

  18. newbie

    newbie undisambiguated

    Hippy or otherwise, BFP and the tea n flapjack stall has been brilliant at the protests over the last few days. ;) :cool:
  19. Unbowedphoenix

    Unbowedphoenix Banned Banned

    I know nothing about Cooltan but I prefer Kate Hoey to Shane Collins.
  20. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    I'd rather shag Shane Collins* than Kate Hoey......and Shane Collins has never ever lost my important original documents either.......

    *although I very much doubt he'd want to shag me........dunno about Kate, but I'd definitely turn her down (gently and nicely, of course).
  21. William of Walworth

    William of Walworth Festographer

    Yer a weirdo mate ... :confused:

    What do you mean?
  22. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Maybe he's trying to say he's a red-blooded heterosexual despite appearances (I mean the red-blood, not the hetereosexuality). No offence meant, but you are rather pale and wan, aren't you.........
  23. editor

    editor hiraethified


    What the fuck has she ever done for Brixton? In fact, when has she ever been in Brixton?
  24. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    Anyone who gets to a position of some notoriety has their detractors, but in my experience Shane Collins has always been kind and honest.

    Whether you agree with his politics or not, he is very committed to them and really puts in alot of work. Nobody's perfect.

    He also lives here.

    Kate Hoey, on the other hand, is an idiot . She rarely comes down this way and you only hear of her when she jumps on somebody else's Brixton bandwagon. Clueless.
  25. Unbowedphoenix

    Unbowedphoenix Banned Banned

    1) Her name contains fewer asterisks.

    2) She's not a voluntary doleite who expects the taxpayer to fund her political activity willy-nilly.

    3) She's on record as telling the Government to take a tougher line on Sinn Fein,3858,4244640-103588,00.html
  26. hatboy

    hatboy Banned Banned

    "2) She's not a voluntary doleite who expects the taxpayer to fund her political activity willy-nilly."

    A somewhat conventional viewpoint. There's no doubt Shane does alot of good things for the Greens, the legalisation of cannabis (including a major part in running a great festival day) and other community stuff.

    How he is "paid" and whether he "works" in the strict sense doesn't matter. He could just sit around. He doesn't. I'd say he's a great investment for the taxpayer. And isn't Kate Hoey paid by taxes as an MP... or whatever it is she is supposed to be?

    Listen tho, I'm not sure this isn't getting too personal. Shall we just agree to disagree on Collins?
  27. Unbowedphoenix

    Unbowedphoenix Banned Banned

    Fair enough. Good moderating if I may say so.:p
  28. pooka

    pooka Can't Re Member

    Thanks for that link, unbowedphoenix. Another reason not to vote for her.
  29. Dubversion

    Dubversion Gorn Enforced Holiday

    you say that as if you think it's a bad thing... :confused:

  30. editor

    editor hiraethified

    I see that Kate doesn't mind stooping down low into Daily Mail stereotype-speak too:

    "We claim to be tough on crime but demoralise the RUC at the behest of the paramilitaries. Would we dream of making the Metropolitan police accommodate the yardies?"

    Has anyone - ever- seen Kate "the people of Brixton want zero tolerance" Hoey in Brixton?
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