Swatting claims its first victim.

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    Comparison with the USA is spurious. Our gun laws mean that coppers aren't - or rather shouldn't be - keyed up that every encounter is going to see them shot. In N.I. in the early '80s, the British army were almost routinely petrol-bombed, and shot at in parts of Belfast and Derry, what every patrol (except the cunts in the red berets) tended to do, was NOT start shooting, but attempt to work through the encounter, either by pushing through, or going round the "blockage". Our RoE basically left armed force as a last resort that had to be sanctioned by a senior officer (one of the many rules that cunt Lee Clegg broke, was that he - and the rest of his squad - all had their weapons loaded, even though they were manning a routine mobile road block. The right-wing press didn't shout about that when they were yelling about freeing the maggot).
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    The US police don't even follow the ROE that the US military actually follows in iraq or afgahistan:facepalm:.

    They'd be a lot more controlled:rolleyes:.

    Its less a militarisation of the police more the police playing call of duty all the kit and no idea .
    Unless your taking the very very worse of the US military the US navy seals who produced a set of orders "we are going to grid so and so too shoot bad guys :eek::facepalm:". A rather cowboy attitude which left two seals dead in a kid you not holding your breath underwater contest:eek::rolleyes:.
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    It's even worse than that. The hiring and training of cops can vary widely. In some places, its a four year degree and then patrol school. In other's it can be as simple as having some military background and being 21 or over or a two-year associates degree. In still others, it can be as simple as getting elected to the position. Back home, our county Sheriff is a running joke. (They had a series of break-ins that he couldn't seem to solve. The State Patrol took up the case, and arrested someone shortly after--the Sheriff's son.) So its theoretically possible for someone with very little training be sent out as SWAT.
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    If only all their operations were so successful.
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    Which one won?
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    So are Joe Public.
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    And the body count of the cops is nothing compared to Joe Public.

    Gun deaths of cops: 125 (2017)
    Gun deaths by cops: 1,129 (2017)
    Joe Public: 11,008 (2014)
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    involuntary manslaughter is the charge.
    had to look that up. I imagine they'll be going for the 'constructive' bit
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