swansea earthquake?

Discussion in 'Wales/Cymru' started by wayward bob, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. davesgcr

    davesgcr Reading books

    There was one in that area in 1906 , rattled the best china on the dressers , caused some panic down the mines (they actually had them in those days) .....

    There are some well known geological fault lines around - so probably just a bit of stressing etc.
  2. Ax^

    Ax^ Silly Rabbit

  3. Vintage Paw

    Vintage Paw dead stare and computer glare

    I remember many years ago there was an earthquake in the middle of the night and the picture that hung above my bed wobbled a bit.

    Took the picture down, never put it back up again. You can never be too careful.
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  4. xenon

    xenon A move in any direction

    No joke, my flat in Bristol shook around 2:30 this afternoon.
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  5. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees

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  6. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees

  7. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    :D :D oh ffs getting silly now! :D
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  8. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan knows how to use the three shells

    I remember the big quake of 2008.
    I thought that upstairs had bought at least three new washing machines and were inconsiderately running the spin cycle on all of them at 3 in the morning
  9. ginger_syn

    ginger_syn Insanity laughs under pressure...

    I live in cardiff and missed it completely.
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  10. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

    I remember the one that went off in the Irish Sea, sometime in the mid 80s. Was quite an experience, back then.

    Very meh about them these days, I don't particularly like them. Just in case they turn out to be destructive etc.
  11. DaveCinzano


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  12. AnnaKarpik

    AnnaKarpik Queen of all she surveys

    Daughter's building was shaking apparently, in Hereford. She was worried her telly would fall over. Thought something had driven into the side of the building.
  13. Casual Observer

    Casual Observer binoculars

    Good job Olly Murs wasn't down there.
  14. gosub

    gosub ~#

    First of many....leaving Europe isn't easy.
  15. Virtual Blue

    Virtual Blue ready

    Haha...how can I have missed this thread!
  16. cupid_stunt

    cupid_stunt Dyslexic King Cnut ... the Great.

    I remember one that hit the Midlands, sometime around the late 80s or early 90s, I was living in a top-floor/3rd flat In Taunton.

    I am in a armchair, my mate is on the settee, I am passing the spliff, and things start moving a bit, we looked at each other & just cracked-up, we thought it was the weed. :D

    It wasn't until the next day that I heard on the radio that the earth-quark had been felt as far a field as Taunton, that made me smile.
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  17. Poot

    Poot Everyone's a superhero, everyone's a Captain Kirk

    My lovely Japanese friend pronounces the word arse-quack. I have never corrected her because in my mind that is what they are.
  18. Sprocket.

    Sprocket. Wake me in a thousand years...

    The word going around South Yorkshire is there will be a repeat of the Swansea earthquake on Tuesday evening.
    This will be a result of all the Sheffield Wednesday fans bottom lips thudding onto the floor following their defeat in the FA Cup replay!
  19. wayward bob

    wayward bob i ate all your bees


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  20. RobotHyper

    RobotHyper New Member

    I felt the ground shacking. Nothing else.
  21. ddraig

    ddraig dros ben llestri

    are you a bot?
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