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Supporter's Player of the Season 2018/2019

Son of Roy

Tory Scumbag Apparently!

For the record I though Sanchez Ming was having a good season and was man of the match in the away win at Woking. I am not sure he started another game after that? What a pity, top fella who always gives 100%.
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Pink Panther

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How is the voting being done? I haven’t seen anything about it?
Neither have I, although I haven't especially been looking out for it.

Preston for me. It should be about consistency over the entire season, and it's been a relatively difficult season with a larger than usual turnover of players. Vose, Chambers & Ming were all strong for the first half of the season, but the first two less so since while the third mysteriously fell out of favour.

Some people say that Preston doesn't command his box or come off his line far enough, but I want a goalkeeper to be consistent and predictable and I've always felt he's the right fit for our team and the way we play. If we'd had to use three or four different keepers over the course of the season without really finding the right one I dread to think where we might be in the league table right now. My only criticism is that not only has he been unable to save any of the many penalties his teammates have conceded, he's dived the wrong way just about every single time!