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Summer Solstice Midnight Walk - CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle

Discussion in 'Brixton Noticeboard' started by CoolTan Arts, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. CoolTan Arts

    CoolTan Arts New Member

    Saturday 23rd June -11:45 - from Tate Modern.

    Join arts and mental health charity CoolTan Arts for a guided Summer Solstice Midnight walk- an exciting evening of summer madness and discovery.

    Explore the urban psycho-geography of South London and learn about local history and familiar landmarks in a light you have never seen them before.

    Meet at Tate Modern, Turbine Hall entrance, Bankside, London SE1 9TG
    Ends: Maudsley Hospital Denmark Hill, SE5 8AZ.

    Participate in this unique procession from Tate Modern to the home of contemporary psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital. On the way make new friends, learn more about famous night walkers, Charles Dickens, lunacy, and solstice.

    Walkers meet at 11:45pm at the Turbine Hall entrance of Tate Modern and finish the walk in the wee hours of Sunday at the Maudsley Hospital.
    Feel free to bring sandwiches, tea, coffee for the route (no alcohol please).
    The walk is a free, friendly, accessible event and all are welcome!

    CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle is a fun guided cultural walk for mental and physical wellbeing, and was named after the anti-psychotic drug Largactil which has severe side effects including a shambolic walk.

    For more information, please contact ed@cooltanarts.org.uk, or call 020 7701 2696.
    If you can find the walkers on the evening please call 07985 658 443
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