Stupid questions about the North

Discussion in 'Midlands and the North' started by cyberfairy, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Hi-ASL

    Hi-ASL get a brian, morans

    What's a balanced meal in Wigan?

    A pie in each hand.
  2. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    I believe they are taken from the wood from window frames of derelict building of which there are of course many.


    Why am i doing this?

    Did anyone else here hear Lucy over Lancashire by Paul Rooney on 'on the wire' last night. It was probably the best song ever in the history of the whole world. Positted the theory that the Devil has a hold over Lancashire and the only way to keep him at bay is through the power of Dub :cool:
  3. TylerD

    TylerD out of space

    Well, I grew up in the North West and lived in London for a decade, so didn't particularly believe there was that much difference.

    But I've since moved up to Yorkshire, and a particularly flat part of Yorkshire (yes, such areas exist!) at that. I can tell you that the winds blowing over from the North Sea are bloody freezing. This is reinforced in a semi-rural location because you're not getting heat from neighbouring properties (the well-known "heat island" effect that adds a few more degrees to London temperatures).

    If you're moving to a decent sized city like Leeds or Sheffield, it won't be so bad, but you'll defo notice the temperature drop if you move to somewhere more remote.
  4. cyberfairy


    Dubversion controls the devil and the safety of Lancashire lies within his hands?:eek:
  5. cyberfairy


    Have expreienced the Fleetwood wind and tis most unpleasant. Going to be going to Lancaster so hopefully be a bit more sheltered
  6. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    not dubversion you sad, lonely internet freak... unless this is him....

  7. chio

    chio New Member

    How do you hear that? There's "the Northern Wire" on ALL FM in Manchester, but that's Thursdays...

    (I've only been to Lancaster a few times, but the wind surely whistles across Morecambe Bay and straight into the town...)
  8. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    a link for Britain's greatest piece of public service broadcasting, on it's own this programme makes it worth living in Lancashire.

    check yr pms if it was the song you were after. :)
  9. moose

    moose like some cat from Japan

    You won't be needing Waitrose where you're going. You've got Booths fairly near.
  10. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    Jesus man, I wouldn't mind a holiday in the next ten years, Booths is the most expensive place on earth...

    I can see fairy in there now... :eek:
  11. cyberfairy


    :) Might need to get a job first as some people are so stingy with their wages that I will only be able to get the inferior white truffles instead of black until I start earning money myself:(
  12. chio

    chio New Member

    I love going in their one in Knutsford when I'm over that way :oops: but I always come out with an empty bank account...
  13. MsShirlLaverne

    MsShirlLaverne wearing purple

    I'll take you on a sightseeing tour of Clitheroe if you like. Booths and an extremely posh wine merchants. Followed by lunch at the Inn at Whitewell where we'd have to wear dainty pearl earings to get a table. :)
  14. cyberfairy


    T'dream won't mind if I borrow his card-we are nearly married:D Right now he will be in Asda buying economy bread and mild white cheddar. I am reclined on the couch eating feta with olives in it-Not sure how long we are going to last together:D
  15. chio

    chio New Member

    You'll get on well as a northerner :D
  16. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    When you've finishing lunching, you can get a job at the cement work there .:cool:
  17. cyberfairy


    That would play havoc with my nails:rolleyes: Only just had them manicured!
  18. cyberfairy


    I had a cuppa tea earlier-I'll be reet as you lot say:D
  19. mauvais

    mauvais change has become unavoidable

    Heh, I used to work for them. Strange place.
  20. tangerinedream

    tangerinedream Density of Sound

    innit, I went to get some barmcakes for my packed lunch the other day from booths and they were £1.30 for 4!!! All they seemed to sell was 1256 kinds of fruit peel and some flour.

  21. cyberfairy


    Do I have to swear alleigence to calling a bap a 'barm cake':confused: :rolleyes: before i traverse north?:(
  22. JohnC

    JohnC Registered humanoid

    I just thought I'd mention that we've recently discovered central heating here in Lancaster. Quaint idea but it might catch on. Oh, and some of the houses have toilets indoors. How gross is that???

    I had cancer a few years ago and was in hospital for a few weeks. When I came out, I called someone I'd had an appointment with to explain and was actually called a fookin Soothen poof. Not everyone's like that though.:D
  23. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Holderness, perchance? I grew up there, and it can be bloody cold with the wind off the sea. Even in Hull you notice it, 15 miles inland.

    As a Yorkshireman stranded in London, the warmth is one of the things I dislike. In this summer's heatwave I was looking enviously at the temperature around Hull compared to London, and I doubt it gets properly cold in winter here either.
  24. aqua

    aqua made of cheese and gin

    Hull does real weather - compared to brum

    when its cold there its a real cold, here its half hearted :( it doesn't snow here, you have to go out of the city for 20miles to get snow and in the summer its just a hazy smoggy nastiness

    *packs bags and moves*
  25. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    *Joins aqua back in 'ull*
  26. chio

    chio New Member

    could the 'ull urbanites be making a last minute comeback :eek: :D
  27. Roadkill

    Roadkill Well-Known Member

    Chance would be a fine thing...

    That said, we had the old Hull crew together the other weekend, when aqua and I were both back, and we did a fair job of drinking ourselves insensible in finest Hull Urbanites style... :D
  28. maggot974

    maggot974 no, the other one

  29. Mrs Magpie

    Mrs Magpie On a bit of break...

    Don't mistake mushy peas for guacamole
  30. cyberfairy


    :D :D Fantastic- oh and wasn't it Prescott who mistook mushy peas for guacamole?

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