Strike Action on 8th March International Women's Day

Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Riklet, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Nothing on here so far that I could see yet. But I think this is going to be a big thing in various countries. Definitely not just women striking, as some links seem to suggest.

    UK link with some info. Does anyone know of any solidarity actions or anything else going on?

    General strikes and strike action called in Spain and in Italy. Guide from CNT in forrin.

    I will be striking this Thursday with the general strike called here, my union is one of the ones supporting it. There are some striking for 24 hours and the main unions have called for 2 blocks of 2 hour stoppages. Currently undecided about whether to strike the whole day or not, but legally we don't have to tell work here in advance although they have requested we let them know (undecided over this).

    There is ongoing pending industrial action at my workplace. Redundancies. Lots of grumbling and moaning. And a divided position on this strike. Lots of people don't support it, don't see it as relevant to them or organised and clear enough to be worth supporting. Plenty of others support it, or are changing their minds. I'd really appreciate any good information, stats, arguments etc that could be use to build last-minute support!
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    My partner is Spanish. Told me that in Spain it's been big this year.
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    Been pretty huge yeah. 5 million or more on strike apparently.

    Huge demos and discussion across society, action all across the country generally. And plenty of loud messages about precarious work conditions and the impact of austerity and the financial crisis. It all happened quite quickly too imo, and although various groups organised it initially until trades unions joined in it has been quite locally and informally organised. Didnt hear much about the whole thing until like a bit over a week ago.

    This morning everyone in admin went out together and left the two bosses together in an empty room for 2 hours (pretty sure one is furious). Not everyone did the strike at my work but lots did, and striking aggressively for change is refreshing rather than defence and 'we are being forced into it'. Still, lots of women who couldn't or couldnt afford to or were scared to across Spain in general, but this will go down in history. And plenty of young women will get lots of confidence out of this.

    Got some good photos of Madrid demo will try and upload soon.
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    I wonder what it would take to happen in the UK... What happened in Spain to make it so widely supported?

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