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Storm over 'bunch of gays' in Germany's World Cup team

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German football is engulfed in controversy after Michael Ballack's agent allegedly referred to a "bunch of gays" in the national team.

Michael Becker, who has been German captain Ballack's agent for more than a decade, is reported to have made the comment in the latest edition of the German magazine Der Spiegel.

In an essay entitled New German Men, Aleksander Osang recounts an interview he had with Becker prior to the World Cup in which the agent allegedly told him which of the players in the team were gay.

He later said that a former national player was ready to reveal the "bunch of gays" in the German team, according to Osang. Asked about the sexuality of one of the newer players, Becker, who is a lawyer by profession, referred to him as being "half gay".


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Maybe England need to lessen the adulterers/ GBH wannabes and make more gays for the squad...


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he's reportedly pissed off because Philip Lahm has said he wants to continue as captain.
Yeah I saw the Lahm interview:D

Prior to the tournament there were a few wanting to replace Loew with Matthias Sammer. I bet there loads of politics under the surface.

Ballack is an anachronism. and his agent knows it.