Speeding and general dangerous driving in and around Brixton

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by teuchter, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Rushy

    Rushy AKA some / certain posters

    I saw Becca Thackeray (HH greens) out with two community safety officers and a speed camera on Railton Road about 5.30 this afternoon. Opposite the junction with Leeson.
  2. bimble

    bimble noisy but small

  3. snowy_again

    snowy_again Slush

    I suspect it's a bit pointless to blame the roads, and not the car drivers using them...
  4. Winot

    Winot I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint

    Redesign of junctions usually means redesigning them so that drivers can't drive at dangerous speeds. In fact in the link provided by bimble it suggests that the way to 'redesign' Oxford St is to pedestrianize it.
  5. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    It's not unusual for junction redesigns - to make them safer - to be met with 'war on the motorist' complaints when people find they can't go as fast, or have to stop at traffic lights that weren't previously there, and so on.
  6. editor

    editor Taffus Maximus

    The junction - and traffic lights - between Coldharbour Lane and Gresham Road (outside Barrier Block) seems to cause lots of problems for some drivers.
  7. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 15.53.30.jpg

    Today. Car going too fast and not looking properly coming out of the junction. This happens regularly here. Luckily it only hit the lorry's fuel tank and not a cyclist or someone trying to cross the road.

    This along with Padfield rd is part of a popular cut-through route between Coldharbour Lane and Milkwood Rd avoiding the traffic lights on CHL. This is why a closure on Padfield Rd was included in the attempt at traffic calming in LJ. It got shouted down with all the rest of them. Lambeth abandoned it even though it wasn't part of the most controversial measure and it didn't close off any routes, just would have made people use the traffic light controlled junctions instead.
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  8. Crispy

    Crispy The following psytrance is baṉned: All

    The generous pavement radius doesn't help. All the other roads along there have sharp corners, which discourage fast turns.
  9. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    True. That's a good point.
  10. Gramsci

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    Ive heard some people living near Padfield road have approached local Cllr to have it reinstated.
  11. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    Barely three days passed and yet another one at that same junction, late last night. These particular idiots didn't even need another car to crash into; they simply took the corner way too fast and crashed into the curb. They were laughing about it too; speeding around at night is just a fun game if you know no-one's going to do anything about it.
  12. teuchter

    teuchter je suis teuchter

    I'm not registered to view but if anyone who is, fancies C&P-ing the article please do so.



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