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    ¡Lame knot!
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    All I know of Anudder Oik is his online persona the same is true of Stanley Edwards, both are the prone to making politically or socially suspect comments. They both have defenders on here saying how genial they are in real life. Whilst that may be true, it's irrelevant to those of us who only encounter them on these boards. If they post objectionable comments they should be challenged for doing so. It is them who choose the face they show us
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  3. Riklet

    Riklet procrastinación

    Will be interesting what "stability" Sanchez can pull out of the bag. His main moves will be to boost popularity for the PSOE, and to avoid total wipe-out in an inevitable election in the next year or so.

    I don't know if they will aim to nick some of Ciudadanos' votes, win back votes from the nationalists or muscle in on being the main left force. WIll be interesting to see. Either way, Cs are unhappy, which is great. And Podemos and various other smaller parties will inevitably have to be consulted heavily on any future issues and votes.

    Who knows what will happen with reforma laboral, ley mordanza, Catalunya, the EU and public debt etc though.
  4. Jeremiah18.17

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    Iglesias of Podemos has visited the Catalan political prisoners in jail and called for their release:
  5. yield

    yield zero

    The Run on Banks in Catalonia after the Independence Vote was Fomented by Madrid
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  6. LiamO

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    Dunno if you will see this Anudder Oik , but we are heading for Catalunya again in a couple of weeks. 39 of us this time.
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  7. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    You may be interested in this recently translated piece as well :

    Origins and Development of Workers Autonomy in Spain (1970-1976) – Miguel Amorós

    A chronicle of the rise and fall of the fortunes of the assembly movement in Spain during the early 1970s, with brief accounts of strike movements all over Spain, the rise of assemblies as forms of autonomous organization of the struggle, and the subsequent repression and police violence, highlighting the nefarious role played by the Communist Party and its trade union front organization at a time when it seemed that Spain was on the verge of a social revolution and that only the Communist Party and its allies could effectively prevent the workers’ assemblies from associating, organizing their self-defense, and becoming a system of workers councils.
  8. Favelado

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    If I recall correctly, my mate Pepe was the ideologue of the Communist League, not the Communist Party. I don't know if this Judean People's Front were less, equally, or yet more nefarious than the CP, but I'll endeavour to find out. He is fascinating to talk to when it comes to the transition. If I recall correctly, when this first came up he had a different take on things to yours.
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    Vox get 12 seats in Andalucia and could form a majority in coalition with Cs and PP.
  10. Riklet

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    Yeah Vox is big news on facebook with all my Spanish friends. Big result for them, they were completely marginal and nowhere even 3 years ago. So much for the "there's no far-right in Spain because PP absorbs all those votes". Big far-right successes in Almeria in particular, not sure if that's due to immigration scaremongering there. Shit either way. :(

    Critically what is happening now is the tactic of shifting the mainstream in political discourse far far to the right of what it has traditionally been. I was in Madrid a week ago and arrived to hordes of flags and banderitas and military families all cheering returning soldiers. It was absolutely packed in the aiport and absolute chaos, but they were determined to dominate the space, to wave their flags, to be as visible as possible. I feel like since the Catalunya crisis this has become more of the norm.

    Of course, the success of Vox has to be partly due to economic resentment and rising inequality - thanks to PPSOE with their widespread corruption and failure to address any of the systemic issues in Andalucia. But it also says a lot about the failure of Podemos/IU/Unidos Podemos/whatever to fully capitalise on the anger and frustrations that have been building over the past 7 years in particular.
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  11. Riklet

    Riklet procrastinación

    Good speech here in forrin regarding the contested rise in minimum wage to 900€, highlighting the shitty hypocrisy of those opposing it such as other Spanish politicians, bank of Spain officials, european comission bureucrats and grubby bankers.

    Depressing but also inspiring.

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