Spain v Russia

Discussion in 'Euro2008 (archive)' started by Rollem, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Rollem

    Rollem two kinds of wonderful

    who's gonna win? what's the final score? will there be a sending off?

    predictions please.....

    i, naturally, am sticking with my tippety-top-tip of spain to win....
  2. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    3-1 to Spain I recknon.
  3. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    2-1 Spain....Hiddink will be much more cautious I reckon but I think with Torres, Villa and Guiza we have too much for their defence. Senna will be key for us if he can track Asharvin and keep him quiet it will be easier.

    Wonder if Aragones will start with Cesc or keep him on the bench again? I'd be tempted to stick him in alongside Iniesta
  4. upsidedownwalrus

    upsidedownwalrus RIP R.I.P.

    Russia, 2-1.
  5. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    Hope so, been a bit rubbish so far with regardto mass brawls and sending offs. :( Croatia v Turkey was very disapointing in that respect. I had visions of 'passionate' footballers clutching the badge on their shirts whilst screaming bloody oaths at the opposition.
  6. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина


    Spain were better than italy, but not exactly by very much ...
  7. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    I'll be really annoyed if Spain win.
  8. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    the upside would be a good spanking by germany in the final
  9. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    they might just bore the germans to death though :(
  10. stavros

    stavros Well-Known Member

    I was very impressed with Senna against Italy, probably Spain's best player.

    In terms of Xavi or Fabregas, I think Aragones will stick with what he's been doing, starting with Xavi to build a foundation of solidity, before bringing the slightly more advanced Fabregas if goals are needed.
  11. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

  12. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    nothing against spain personally, but i want russia to win the whole thing.
  13. poului

    poului a bit overrated


    They're not even Europeans ffs.
  14. JHE

    JHE .

    Spain will win!

    Well.... either that or I'll be a bit disappointed.

    Perhaps you football aficionados can explain something to me. Spain beat Russia very convincingly earlier in the tournament - but I gather from one of the Beeb commentators of the Sunday match that Russia was missing some star player who will be back in the team for the next match against Spain. Who is this superman? How big a difference will he make?
  15. T & P

    T & P |-o-| (-o-) |-o-|

    Oh okay. I'll call the airstrike off then :p
  16. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

  17. bigbry

    bigbry Well-Known Member R.I.P.

    Who's not European ?
  18. Bonfirelight

    Bonfirelight Crocodile

    He's a very fine player, but i think the world has got a bit carried away with the Russians.
    They played superbly against the Dutch, but then the dutch themselves did struggle to find their rhythm and looked well off the pace - with Robbens adsence especially noticable.
    Its not actually a particularly great Russian side, and i think Spain will win, though it will be close.
  19. Obnoxiousness

    Obnoxiousness >-->))).>

    SPAIN to win!

    I think there will be lots of goals too..... mainly because the Russians won't be able to defend effectively against the Spanish forwards.
  20. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards 1967 Maserati Mistral. R.I.P.

    Much as I would like to see Spain win I strongly suspect a total Russian whitewash. Could well be game of the tournament.

    5 -1 to Russia.
  21. Dr. Furface

    Dr. Furface One small step for man

    It's about time Spain won something, and they might finally have the team to do it. But it's also about time Hiddink won something too, and he might finally have the team to do it.

    I'd prefer Spain, but I fancy Russia.
  22. what exactly is that based on?
    or is it one of those incredibly negative predictions so that when you're fancied team doesn't do anything you can point and say "told you so"?
  23. g force

    g force Affects Shatner's Basoon

    Please god let us make the final and spank those damn Germans!
  24. senna v arshavin is going to be the key.
  25. Rollem

    Rollem two kinds of wonderful

    :hmm: you serious?!
  26. twistedAM

    twistedAM Left Of The Dial

    I know but the Moor invasion was a long time ago.
  27. Choc

    Choc Well-Known Member

    i reckon 1-1 with going to extra time.

    then spain to win :)
  28. according to AS Aragones is considering resting Senna and Villa, playing Alonso and Cesc instead. Interesting.
  29. Rollem

    Rollem two kinds of wonderful

    what a load of tosh!
  30. you mean you don't believe everything AS says?:rolleyes:

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