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Southern Spain tips plz (Cities and Chilling)

Discussion in 'travel and world' started by King Biscuit Time, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. King Biscuit Time

    King Biscuit Time Well-Known Member

    I'm off to Southern Spain next month for a couple of weeks.

    All I've booked so far is the train there - the plan is to check out a few cities (Seville, Cordoba, Granada perhaps) then end up somewhere that's a bit more beachy and where we can get a flight back to the UK.

    All tips welcome!
  2. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    you should have pm'd stanley edwards
  3. craigxcraig

    craigxcraig Prefers 'cxc'

    I go next week and cannot wait!

    Granada for me had a nicer vibe, very chilled out and more bars offering free tapa than Seville did - Seville def more touristy and will be baking this time of year (as no doubt Granada will be.) I'm staying up in the hills/mountains north of Malaga, bunkering down with the odd trip to the beach and the fresh seafood/fish man.
  4. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Granada is my favourite city.

    People visit for The Alhambra. It offers much more. I would make it a priority visit for anyone visiting Southern Spain. It is unique for Western Europe. Sacramonte, (the old Gitano barrio) and The Albycin old (Muslim barrio) offer a traditional Andalucia village atmosphere just a 10 minute walk from 24 hour contemporary convenience. Realejo (old Jewish barrio) is the alternative scene. Calle Elvira for kebabs, bars and clubs. Downtown for full on Friday, or Saturday night chaos. Booga club if you want late night live music ... loads really when you know where to go.

    Climb above Sacramonte to explore the caves around San Miguel Alto and see the best city sunset views in Europe.

    Depends what you want, but Granada does have it all.

    Seville is very much more tourist driven and more commercial. Also hotter and more humid. The nice thing about Granada in summer is that the nights get cooled by the mountain breeze from Sierra Nevada. Paseo de los Tristes is a beautiful place to chill at night in summer.

    Cordoba has the Mesquita. It-s a nice city with a more contemporary feel to it than Granada, but a day visit is about your lot and the bus station is a very long walk from the old town. Cordoba is situated in a mountain bowl. It will be unbearably hot by day and it doesnt cool much at night in July and August.


    Cadiz and Tarifa for spectacular Atlantic coast and wind. They are very picturesque, tranquil towns with a chilled nightlife buzz. Hippieville :) Costa Tropical south of Granada offers nice resorts, but small and a bit limiting. Salobreña is nice. Diving and other sports on offer. Short bus ride to Malaga for the airport home.

    Most cities in Southern Spain are on holiday during August. The students have left. Many businesses close for the month. Some clubs and bars even close for August. It is just too hot for anyone other than the summer tourists. I love summer nights in Granada. They are very magical, but all the locals will be on the coast, or in the north. Me included.

    Nice budget places to stay in Granada...
    Hostal Venecia

    Clean, comfortable, basic. Own room from €18 a night.

    Best guided tour IMO is Nicks historical tour. Entertaining guy who will give a fun and educational tour of Granada starting at the fountain in Plaza Nueva at 11am everyday. Nice social event as well as a fun guide. Donations. I would suggest a Fiver is excellent value.

    Huerta de Carlos is a contemporary plaza where all the drop outs, erm drop out. Jamming, chilling, smoking etc. Close to Mirador de San Nicolas which is the obligitory Alhambra viewing point for tourists.

    I could go on forever. Granada is worth at least a few days. Strangely, the best Flamenco show is the most touristy. Their guys will find you.
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  5. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    If you're going to rent a car...

  6. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    Here's a video featuring my mate Sam Sol :D

    Actually, I know everyone in that video. Only Dos Lunas is still around. I'm guessing that was about 4 years ago. People come and go. It's a very transient place.
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  7. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    My mate Sam Sol is worth a better mention than he gets in that video.

    He opened what are now known as 'The Magic Garden' a squat between The Albycin and Sacramonte. The Magic Garden because he planted loads of stuff. Few of the people who stay, and camp there now will appreciate how much work he put into the place.

    He travels around Africa under his own steam teaching people how to make parabolic sun ovens. They heat storage bricks by day so that you can cook by night without burning any resources. He makes parabolic cigarette lighters to give away and promote his ideas. The transient hippies can't handle him! Here is someone actually making a fucking difference whilst they play and talk about what if. A legend in my mind. Haven't seen him for about 4 years. No funding. No sponsorship. No ulterior motive - he's just off to Africa to show people how to use the power of the sun without burning wood, or petrol. Total fucking star.
  8. 1%er

    1%er Well-Known Member

    Get the boat to Morocco if you haven't been before, I think you can do a day trip if time is short.
  9. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

    That's a different holiday. There is too much to see and do in Andalucia alone.

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