Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by ed marimba, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    i have move somewhere. but where? just spent 2 years in manchester and was very disappointed.
    i think i would need a town or city with good rail link to london. or maybe in london if there is anywhere not vastly expensive
    i have heard southend is nor bad these day i am a musician and enjoyed a gig there last year at railway hotel.
    i'd like to meet people who have a good time but are not flakey
    i am also artist and heard southend gets lots of arts council grants but i dunno if i'm very keen onall the rules that go with all that.
  2. NoXion

    NoXion Eat leaden death, demon...

    I have a sister who lives in Southend with her partner and my little nephew. Partner definitely doesn't think too highly of the place judging by the amount of times he's slagged it off. Sister seems to have a milder opinion but doesn't strike me as being wildly keen about it either.

    I can only speak as someone who's visited the place, but if you like the seaside and having a wide variety of restaurants and takeaways then Southend is a good place to be. It's also a lot less stuck-up than Brighton.
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  3. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    Thank you. The reputation used to be for it being very "chavvy" if that term still means anything. But I was under the impression that it had become more interesting in the last few years. It could be that your sister and her husband with a young child are looking for different things but I obviously don't want to feel unsafe on the streets there or bored because of lack of activiy in my spheres of music and art
    cheers again :)
  4. NoXion

    NoXion Eat leaden death, demon...

    Partner, not husband. My sister is living in sin. :p

    They'd probably agree that Southend is still a bit "chavvy", although that's not a term that I would use myself. Regardless I've never felt unsafe there. Southend certainly has a lot more galleries than my current hometown of Slough does.
  5. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    so there's sin ? great, that's in the Essential coumn, i'll tick that off :thumbs:
  6. bi0boy

    bi0boy Power User

    My aunt who lives near there would say it's chav central, and in summer you get all the east end lot coming up from London which doesn't help.

    I wouldn't say that of course. Why not visit it a few more times if you're unsure?
  7. pengaleng

    pengaleng Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh

    I've lived there, it's alright I suppose, leigh is nice but a bit pricey, Rochford is nice, but I'm not sure about costs as the airport got a refurb a few years ago to do commercial flights, hockley is just past rochford with a bit more countryside, southend centre I'd avoid, shoeburyness is alright i suppose not been there for years, but it's on the coast, as is chalkwell, westcliff is alright as well

    westcliff, chalkwell, southend central, shoebury is on the C2C line going to fenchurch street, hockley, rochford is on the southend victoria line to liverpool street which is a bit pricier than C2C

    I'd live in all these places apart from town centre

    watch TOWIE to get up to speed on the culture :cool:

    and actually if you are into arts then leigh is the arty place, they do an arts trail every year iirc
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  8. Boudicca

    Boudicca Seaside Queen

    You can come to Bournemouth if you like. Plenty of work here if you sound and look like Phil Collins, Bob Marley or Frank Sinatra. :facepalm:
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  9. FridgeMagnet

    FridgeMagnet Administrator

    Why did you find Manchester disappointing? This will influence whether it would be good for you.

    It's pretty quiet, Southend, IME. It's also not cheap to live in as people commute to London.
  10. pengaleng

    pengaleng Lil' J Pengele PhD. The Angel of Sesh

    it's a fuck load cheaper than london, my mate has a whole house for like 800 a month
  11. catinthehat

    catinthehat Failed VK = Replicant

    I lived in Westcliffe on Sea for a couple of years in the 90s. All I remember really is that the place I worked was vile but the E was exceptional.
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  12. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    What kind of work does that get ?
  13. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    Cliquey and flakey people (OK this is music scene, you expect more flake but jeez, not that much), Little England, thrall of retromusic, no emotional intelligence (hate that term but can't think of another), everyone has a persona, they never show who they are, they fear that. In fact the by fear truth quite hard and I am the opposite.
    The town was ugly without greenery for huge spaces. The bars often had security that was corrupt and agro but most people in fact were agro, again thru fear I felt. I didn't find much happening of interest, I thought I would. Whitworth gallery was nice.
    I've heard Liverpool is better. I dunno
  14. littleseb

    littleseb littleseb

    The Railway is indeed a great place to play, one of the best in the UK imo. Sadly under threat, I hear....
  15. Boudicca

    Boudicca Seaside Queen

    This is a reference to the fact there are too many tribute bands in Bournemouth.
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  16. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    I do Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, Bowie any call for that sort of thing? Gimme a couple of weeks notice and i might be able to fashion a Pil of some sort or a Fall 79-84.What would I be looking at pre-tax per week ? Same as post tax yes but ballpark figure. £0 ?
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  17. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    My character in TOWIE would be a guy jeered by all forever for once being slightly uncertain who Kim Kardashian is and cos of my car
    Stuart Russell the widely respected,( he told me,) electronic and ambient music composer lives in Leigh. So theres that AND the yearly trail !
  18. Boudicca

    Boudicca Seaside Queen

    All too avant guarde for Bournemouth alas. Could you do Barry Manilow?

    In all seriousness, there's a lot of people here and certainly a demand for live music and art. The beach is one of the best in the country, but accommodation is expensive and it's more ukippy than chavvy.
  19. phillm

    phillm Trolling through Life (TM)

    if you're any good busk in London - folk are generous and receptive.
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  20. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    wow, seems only yesterday it was like begging to some Any recommends for locations ?
  21. phillm

    phillm Trolling through Life (TM)

    I'm no expert on busking , and probably the best patches are already taken. It would appear with London underground you need to audition and get a licence.


    Busk in London |
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  22. BigMoaner

    BigMoaner Don't kill the lion

    London. Come to London.
  23. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    Southend is the only place I ever got attacked at an away game, and I've been away to Millwall a half a dozen times.

    Craphole on Sea, though I may be prejudiced for the reason stated above.
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  24. NoXion

    NoXion Eat leaden death, demon...

    Make sure to bring all of your money, you will need it.
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  25. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    well i will use all that busking money I guess !
    london is bit vague though where are the choice bits thde day ? on a buskers wages :)
  26. ed marimba

    ed marimba Well-Known Member

    seems reasonable grounds for dislike to me

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