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South Wales in the 1970s - cracking set of archive photos


Loving these!

South Wales in The 1970s - Flashbak

In the 1970s Robin Weaver was a newspaper photographer in South Wales. When he wasn’t covering hard news or local events for his paper, he liked to photograph the people and everyday scenes he came across. For years his photographs remained in his private collection but then, 40 years on, he revisited his old negative files, placing the images in photo libraries and publishing a book which he says is “a portrait of a unique place and time”.

These photographs are miles above hackneyed whispers of the past, those routine black and white images that tell of only a photographer’s flimsy grasp on the power of pictures and the yuppie’s idea of what might be arty things to cover bare white walls in a new city flat. Robin gets into the heart of the crowd and shows us things as they were.
You can buy Robin’s book at his website. See his and other great books at Cafe Royal Books.