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Discussion in 'London and the South East' started by Manuka, May 8, 2014.

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    Like I said. CUNT. :)

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    Ahhhhh and relax.....trolls trolls to get upset....let's not use language on a troll...and 1 2 3 4...
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    Give over. :D I'm off to bed, relaxed as can be.

    Feel free to contribute to #trollaid. :)
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    Jesus there are no standards any more Refugees, Comrade Corbyn, workshy drinkers, rich and poor living side by side, cash in and move somewhere better.

    You mouth breathing fuckwits.
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    Are you talking about me..I am a mouth breather - but that's just my lungs fucked. ;)
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    The daily Mail, life isn't fair, shutup lefties, I like cocktails brigade.
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    Are you calling me a DM inspired voter?
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    Nah. But I haven't read the whole thread TBH. ;)
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    I would never rever to Sth Norwood as a slum!

    The Lions have their own fight on their hands. The council (?) have been trying to sell the land around the ground for developement into housing.
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    Manuka or anyone else involved in the free film festival in this area: when are meetings for volunteers?
    I am still hoping that I will be moving to thornton heath and part of keeping that faith is getting involved in the area ahead of time
    so far that has involved a swim in the leisure centre and a visit to a v friendly caff (when I've got my caff then I feel at home)
    I am looking for more things to do on a quick visit to the area - maybe next time I'll spend an hour in Tesco and the 'spoons
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    The Croydon Comedy Festival is on at the moment, including weekly shows at the Gold Coast pub in South Norwood.

    Croydon Comedy Festival

    The Gold Coast is worth a visit anyway - there are not that many pubs serving Ghanaian food, for example.
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    Come to my local park!

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    The charity that is now running Stanley Halls is looking for a new chairperson, preferably with some commercial experience.

    Details are on this website.

    If anyone is interested, they need to contact our current Chair, Kathy Bee. Her email address is or her telephone number is 07788852385

    Closing date for applications is 4 July.

    Chair of trustees
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    Good to see the community working together to maintain Stanley Halls and trying to save the Ship. With the general improvement work going on the High Street is starting to look and feel better and the Station Road improvement works will help especially when the old DHSS building and the site opposite the stations main entrance is redeveloped. I'm hopeful that South Norwood can return to the vibrant area that it once was over thirty five years ago. Also looking forward to the opening of the new pub which I believe could be the catalyst to attracting more restaurants and shops to the area. Regeneration long overdue.
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    The deadline is actually 11 July - there was an error in the advert - so not too late.
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    Also this weekend, the emerging street market on station road - the Clocktower market.

    It's becoming a regular event. Check it out. Support it. :)
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    This festival is on all day from 11. There's live music and beer/cider as well as a range of community and other stalls.

    The weather forecast is looking good, if slightly cloudy to begin with.

    "Large stage with live music from midday to 6:30pm
    Funfair, Slides & Bouncy Castles
    Food Stalls including; Burgers, Hog Roast, German Sausages, Caribbean, Malaysian, Thai, Cakes & Ice Cream
    Over 20 Arts & Crafts Stalls
    Beer Tent courtesy of The SNCC. Serving Real Ale from the Hogs Back Brewery, Cider & Wine.
    Display Area including;
    Dance Schools, Bop and Boogie, Music and
    The Far Isles Medieval Society
    Face painting
    Charity Raffle: Great Prizes
    Plus lots more!"

    There are also events at Stanley Hall, including this evening. What’s On – Stanley Halls
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    Doh! Wish I had seen this earlier.
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    Well - I did refer to it repeatedly both here and on Facebook. :D :D
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    Been stuck at work otherwise would have looked along. Hope it was a good turnout, it's been a lovely day.
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    It wasn't lovely for the first two hours, which neatly coincided with my shift :(

    We had gusty wind, which blew our gazebo down and our banners hit me in the back. We then spent the next hour sheltering from rain whilst trying to hold our leaflets in place, whilst waiting for someone to turn up with tent pegs. By this time, the music had started and it was really loud, so we could hardly hear anyone speaking to us anyway.

    I ended up doing lots of walking and driving backwards and forwards and then went to collect my stuff and help them take the stall down and then walk back to my house.

    So I am completely knackered and I have no idea if it was a good turn out or not because I wasn't there for that bit :D :D
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    The closing date is fast approaching to win a valuable prize of free rent on two freshly refurbished shops in Portland Road, South Norwood.

    The successful winners of the council-funded competition will get up to six months free use of the 32 and 40sqm units just a couple of minutes’ walk from the busy Norwood Junction station.

    Shorter-term projects will also be considered, and the aim is to see the shops used for the next twelve months, so more than two applications may be chosen.

    Judges are looking for imaginative ideas for new or expanding enterprises which could take advantage of the expected growth in trade around South Norwood’s increasingly vibrant High Street.

    Alongside the rent-free offer, the council will also provide dedicated business support and help with publicity and marketing to get the new ventures off the ground. Some businesses or community organisations could also qualify for small business rates relief.

    The initiative is part of a wider package of council-led regeneration measures which is seeing £1.65million invested in improved public spaces, cultural activities and events, and business support.

    Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for economy and jobs, said: “We’re looking for people with vision, ambition and creativity who we can help and support to breathe life back into these empty shops. Our high streets and district centres are really important, so it’s vital we do everything we can to keep them lively, vibrant and commercially viable.”

    The project is a key part of the council’s wider investment plans to reinvigorate shops and businesses around the area.

    Hannah Pemberton, whose business ‘The Kitchen Alchemist’ provides specialist recipe development and food photography, is based in the area and said: “I don’t just live and work in South Norwood, I’m passionate about how the area can improve. I’ve been helping lobby for even better transport connections, and I’m delighted that the council is now investing to boost business opportunities in the area.”

    Details of how to apply are available at

    The deadline for proposals to be sent in is Friday 19 August, 2016.

    Portland Road competition
    Win a FREE Pop-up Shop Are you an entrepreneur, an artist or a local community group needing room to grow your business?
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    Get your tickets now for the wonderful production of Jack which will be on at Stanley Halls in South Norwood soon.


    And this is an interview with the director:

    Jack: Christmas Extravaganza – What’s It All About?

    For anyone who doesn't know, Stanley Halls is run by a charity which is trying to keep these halls in use for and by the community. Half the proceeds from the ticket sales of this production, will go to the charity.

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