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    The South Norwood Woodcraft Folk is one of three potential beneficiaries on the Tesco Bags of Help thing - where you put a token in a box - across Croydon. It’s on now until the end of February.

    They are supposed to be in all the Tesco branches, including the big one at Thornton Heath (and the Purley superstore) and all the Tesco Express branches. (Although they are not in the branch next to the Portland Arms!).

    Please ask for a token, find the boxes, and vote for us.

    And if there aren’t any boxes, ask why. And then let me know. :)

    If anyone needs to know anything about the Woodcraft Folk ask me, or go to
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    1. Cafe Nico has opened next to the Craft Beer shop on Selhurst Road. Excellent little cafe, that does an excellent brunch.

    Cafe Nico (@NicoCafeSe25) on Twitter

    2. New library / flats also taking shape on Station Road.

    3. Work has started on the demolition / redevelopment of the horrible building at the Clifford Road entrance to Norwood Junction. Due to complete in March 2020.

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